FRANK CARSON et al 9-15-2016 (marty)

Court day


Custody day


After nothing was done in the morning session, except an in camera hearing. The afternoon session started it 1330 Hours Court time which was 1357 hrs. real-time.

I noticed that they had rearranged Walter wells in the Atwell’s and their seating along the wall of the left side for some reason had something to do with the viewpoint of Martha Magana. Also notice a Tim Rayne was not present it was announced that he had a family emergency had to go out of town really quick at the lunch hour so they were going to continue this hearing until Tuesday at 930.

Some business was taking care of, Bruce Parry address the court saying that papers had been handed out concerning some statements to the attorneys by Woody, but again he was not giving up a blanket privilege only privilege for these particular papers and/or document and/or statements. Apparently that was some of the issue being discussed in camera before lunch in the paperwork at least in part involved some his medical records and some of the psycho Tropic drugs that he’s been taking. Remember Robert Woody testified yesterday that he has been taking any psych meds.

The district attorney informed the court that there was some more information that’s going to be disclosed on Tuesday or sooner in emails, concerning some of the information with Woody diagrams that he had drawn in his jail cell on some of the transcripts he received,

There were some pictures of a search looking for a chainsaw in Turlock, concerning the digits being cut off of the remains.

There is also some video of pop and Cork activity.

There were some videos of somebody by the name of Nick Huey a.k.a. of bad Nick.

There is a video taken of the protest by the out walls at the District Attorney’s Office prior to their arrest.

A photograph of a white suburban owned by a Bill Baxter.

There are forest maps were Bobby Ticknor and his son were arrested in their marijuana grow in Mariposa County.

And a picture of another witness by the name of Brandon Starr.

Also there was testimony the day before yesterday, where Marlisa Ferrera had stated that Michael Cooley had saved Johnny fields his life by calling an ambulance when he added episode on the railroad tracks. The judge advised her that she has to reveal her source of that information as that was not normal investigative information, which Marlisa says been fighting for some reason. But the judges ordered her to reveal her source.

There’s no court Monday due to several Attorneys Having Federal Court appearances so we will return Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM.

Another wasted day and wasted night causing these people to be in custody even longer.

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