FRANK CARSON et al 9-15-2016 (tom)

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I am so frustrated with the slower than snail’s pace this never ending preliminary hearing has settled into. I can’t point fingers to any one source for the length of time it has taken to accomplish what should have been done six months ago. We have a judge who drives from Contra Costa County, and is almost always late to court. We have attorneys getting injured, and having tragic family events. We have investigators that are out of town on training seminars. We have a prosecutor that is still turning over new discovery 11 months into this hearing, causing witnesses to be re-called to the stand. This is Hell.

We were supposed to start out today at 9:30AM. It was basically 11:00AM before we started hearing anything. Marlisa Ferreira spent what was left of our morning session talking about a large amount of new discovery that she had just given the defense attorneys. I would say she should be strung up and water boarded for her negligent performance, but that may not be strong enough language. She talked about providing reports concerning Corey Brown, Dale Lingerfeldt, Steve Jacobson, Special Agent Brody, Kirk Bunch, Detective Redd, Detective Navarro, and a whole bunch of tape recordings of drives to and from Tuolumne County with Robert Woody. Marlisa Ferreira and the investigators have testified that no recordings were ever done on these trips. They all LIED IN COURT about this, and should all be charged with perjury, but nothing ever happens. The law simply does not apply to the law. This simply reeks of corruption folks.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez speaks about how Marlisa Ferreira argued yesterday that Michael Cooley was such a great man because he called an ambulance for John Field in Turlock. He requests a report on that incident. Marlisa denies that any report was ever done. Percy wants to know how she came into that information. Marlisa declines to say how she came up with that information. We have arguments on that subject, and it appears that the judge is going to force her to reveal her source for that information, since she used it in her arguments yesterday. It is now time for our lunchtime break, and we have accomplished so very little in our morning session. Please everyone involved in this hearing, let’s get this thing done someday please.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen


  1. Birgit only has 2 years left on her term. The statute of lims for perjury is 3 years fromthe date of “discovery” thus if a new DA is elected there will be enuff time to investigate and prosecute perjury. Now if someone ran for DA ON the campaign promise they would investigate and prosecute those who violated the law in the Frank Carson case would you vote for him?

      1. Great answer “Of Course”! But John Q Public is not informed at all. The Bee really needs to step up and write a series of articles. No one will listen to me when I talk about this case. People just assume law enforcement is right and doesn’t lie. Hell I believed it till I started following the bloggers. My eyes are open now.

  2. Yes, but I fear the person who runs for DA on this platform will be charged with something terrible that he or she did not do . History would repeat itself. It will take a higher power to clean up this mess, and nobody seems to have the balls to do what needs to be done.

  3. Never say much. Frank Carson very good man, no matter what. He made and impact on my oldest son many years ago, which I must say pushes him to this day to go to law school at night just to become the best attorney in the world and never ware a suit and tie. Why I don’t know . But I know this, Michael Cooley’s exclusive August 28th.2015 interview every word out of his mouth was. I am a Heroin addict i will say anything, do anything hell I will even believe and say anything especially when I am sick and will do anything to get well stay well I don,t care I will still my Mom and Dad blind and swear I didn’t to stay well. Sadly to say the percentage of truly recovered heroin addicts maybe 11percent. Everything that came out of his mouth my money goes to he was lieing then we are to believe that the da has our best interest at heart when look who they rely on. This I will say in closing was very later in my years of life before ever getting arrested and cuffed,stuffed,booked and printed. I have not read about one credible or seen one credible person to be able to even justify what they have done to a person who well let’s say what it is. Frank Carson Pissed Off Alot and I Mean alot of well I have said enough.

  4. one more thing I don’t know Michael Cooley nor do I ever want to know or meet Michael Cooley But I have Known a lot of HEROIN user’s and well it’s a very sad and bad drug. Besides as far as I can tell in that world he choices to live in he’s a snitch why would anyone deal with him. I am just saying????

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