Court day: 133

In custody day: 398


By Warren Yates


As I begin this commentary I discovered from several people that read my last commentary that I lost them when I mentioned Algonquin J. Calhoun, Lightening and the Kingfish. So for those of you are in the dark much like the beloved by somebody DA Marlissa Ferreira, although not same dark, I had referred you to GOOGLE for your enlightenment.

For those of you who do like GOOGLE for some political, religious or transcendental reason here it is: the characters are from Amos and Andy. Algonquin J. Calhoun is the legally inept, oft confused, fast talking, know nothing yapping to distract buffoon attorney always screwing something up. Sound familiar?

Lightening is the mentally slow bumbling janitor which might be the next step for a certain investigator I am thinking of, or maybe a “trustee” if you get my drift. And then the Kingfish is a great big overstuffed loudmouth, lazy buffoon looking to scam someone and is involved in a domestic violence situation every once in a while. Sound familiar? So put your imagination to work in my last commentary. There it is friends and some that are not friends, and I bet you can guess who the “unfriendlys” are. :0) I am sure the unfriendlys already looked it up.

This commentary may be a little long but I have a lot to say. We will start out with talking about all the lost court time that should be stopped. If you go back and check the logs of when court actually starts on the record each “court day”, you will find that numerous countless hours have been wasted that didn’t have to be.

Biggest offender is the judge having traffic problems coming from the east bay. Easy solution: Your Honor, leave at , when you arrive in Modesto visit one of the many delightful coffee shops, enjoy a cup while you study any motions or read any testimony that may be in question and then go to court on time.

Or since the DA is wasting millions of unrecoverable dollars on this persecution as publicly verified by Supervisor Jim De Martini, just have the county pay for your stay at the Doubletree boondoggle the city is paying for. Then you could get up, have your coffee and Danish and then take a short stroll a couple of blocks to the court building. What’s a few more tens of thousands of dollars at this point. Like hacking Hillary said about the heroes killed in Benghazi, “at this point what difference does it make”. The difference is that innocent people died in Benghazi and in Modesto there are innocent lives wasting away in a jail.

Court hours: Court should be held Monday through Friday. 8:30 AM to 12 noon. Re-convene at 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM. This preliminary persecution could probably already be over before now and all of the innocent Carson 8 could be free to pursue the lawsuits and their lives.

All of these wasted hours are more hours that innocent people spend in jail in deplorable conditions. By the way, I am one of those “deplorable” hacking Hillary speaks about and I am very proud of it. “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!!

Let’s step it up Judge Zuniga.

Next up on my hit list, and by the way I forgot to mention it before but to those unfriendlys that don’t like what I write, why the He** are you reading my commentaries?

Next: Since my ability to be in court is limited I am getting a lot of what I write from two other trusted sources, Tom and Marty. Hey, I remember an old TV show “Spin and Marty”. Well, close but no cigar. Much more factual then the spin, no pun intended, yes there was, you get from the McClatchy rag that usually never prints the truth. All the Bees in the valley and wherever are McClatchy self-serving rags.

They not only hide the truth on the Carson 8 but also on the story showing a small publisher by the name of Gene Forte and how he has taken on DA’s as bad or worse than ours, (if possible), local judges in Merced and Monterey counties and a federal judge in Fresno, and has them all on the run for their careers. See his story at badgerflats.com. Click here

Working for Gene on his case is where I found a lying deputy sheriff proven by documentation and video, and the phony attorney general in kalifornia, kamala Harris, no respect, no caps either BTW, refused to prosecute the criminal deputy and left him on the streets to lie about the arrest of other innocent citizens in Merced County. Shame on worthless gutless kamala Harris.

Ok, back to business. On 9-13-16 John Fields was called to the stand and sworn in. Apparently he had a medical condition and was nervous. Robert Forkner was questioning him and due to Mr. Fields condition, he was allowed to review a transcript of his interview with one of the “blue meanies” in plain clothes while he was in prison.

Mr. Fields said that Michael Cooley had beaten Korey Kauffman up. We remember hearing a while back that “Blade” Cooley, had beaten Korey because in Cooley’s usual delusional and paranoid drugged condition, he felt that poor Korey was trying make a move on the “Blade’s” squeeze, Eula “Miss America” Keyes.

Come on now. A nice looking young man wanting to make it with a dope addicted, dope dealing “older”, much older, old lady of a psycho knife wielding drug dealing drug addict. (Check the Court Index) Even Stevie Wonder can see that that is ridiculous. Remember, the “Blade” was supposedly the last person to see Korey alive.

Ferreira has always said that there were no deals made for many of her felon witnesses but it has been shown numerous times that Marlissa speaks with forked tongue.

ergo: A defense attorney on Thursday testified that authorities promised his clients leniency in exchange for their testimony in the Korey Kauffman murder case.

On Thursday November 4, 2015, Deputy Public Defender Benjamin Rosenstein said he has represented both Michael Cooley and Ronald Cooper, Jr. The defense attorney said both his clients were promised leniency in their unrelated criminal cases.

Rosenstein said he has been PROMISED that Cooley will not serve prison time for the alleged drug offenses, but the defense attorney didn’t ask prosecutors why. I didn’t have to inquire. I knew why.

Rosenstein said he was present when prosecution investigator Kirk Bunch Questioned Cooper in April, 2014. He said Bunch PROMISED Cooper consideration of leniency on his pending case. “Everyone knew why we were there. Considerations were made ” the deputy public defender testified.

On the witness stand, Rosenstein reviewed a transcript of the April 2014 interview and confirmed Bunch told Cooper: “I’m not going to leave you hanging.” (Might not have been a bad idea. Just saying…)

DA De Jong testified that “she did not know Cooper was a witness in the Kauffman murder case when she offered him a plea deal a few months ago”. For all you Kool Aid drinking sheep, line up for your shearing.

Liar, liar panties on fire. Another of many lies over the course of this persecution by Ferreira and like all of her witnesses with or without badges, in or out of jail or prison, trying to get or already got a better deal in their criminal cases. Shame on the liars.

We have Mr. Fields back on the stand and he states that he “told the officer about a murder. Field testified that Michael Cooley had told him that he had killed Korey Kauffman on his East Ave. property which was a boarded up house. He said that Michael Cooley had told him that he killed Korey Kauffman 2-3 times

Field said he told Cooley that he did not want to hear anything more about the killing, and that Michael Cooley had pulled a knife on him when he said that. Field said that Cooley told him: “I am dead serious about this.” Field testified that Cooley had told him that he was tired of stuff being stolen from his property, and that he killed Korey Kauffman over this.

He speaks about hearing the details from TJ Samra and Michael Cooley. Oh dirty word. Just got reminded about another example of lying, deceitfulness and subornation of perjury by Ferreira and her chief minion Bunch. Will have to tell you next time if you forgot but it is low down filthy abuse of power by them.

Ok let’s keep this going folks.

On 9-14-16 I was in the court for the afternoon session. Judge got on the bench at 1:48 PM. In comes Robert Woody, the poster boy for reasons for birth control dressed up all purdy in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit which looks too big for him. Can’t always get the right size at Goodwill.

Attorney Martinez asked Woody if he turned himself in voluntarily and he stated he did. He was asked if he would lie to have them leave his family alone and he replied yes. In reference to his sister Mary Branco he stated “Leave them out of it. They had nothing to do with it”.

Woody was asked if on the first interview he was interviewed in jail or the DA’s office. Woody asked “What do you mean by that”? Now that is a real hard question to figure out. Were you in a lock down institution called the Ray Simon Criminal Justice Center drinking water in a jail visitation room, OR were you in a plush office in the war room downtown in the district attorney’s office eating a Big Mac, fries and a Boysenberry Slurpee while watching Popeye cartoons with Bunch and the boys. You only have 30 minutes to figure it out. You can always call a friend, Patrick Hampton if you are stuck.

He was asked if Bunch said he was facing the death penalty and he said “Yes”. He was asked how he felt about that. Ferreira immediately objects saying that the term death penalty was not mentioned. Judge Zuniga checked the record and said yes it was. OBJECTION DENIED. KAPOW!! Ms. Madam whatever. Her name slipped out of my mind. Dag gummed.

Woody said it was “harsh”. He was asked if he was told by Bunch that he could get life in prison and he stated “Yes”. Would you lie to escape the death penalty? “Yes”. Would you lie to escape a life sentence? “No”. So Woodrow is afraid to die but not spend his life in a lockdown with Bubba, Leroy and the gang.

Woodrow wanted to take a poly because he said the truth will set you free. Woodrow, for your information, only one entity can set you free and that is Jesus Christ. You might try reading the Bible if you are serious about being set free.

Woody said that the cops twisted his brother Brian’s statement. He was asked if he remembers saying that you “told the story the police wanted you to say”? He said he don’t remember even though it’s in the transcript. Woodrow off the stand for arguments.

Ms. Magana stated that the DA is coaching Woody to which Ferreira strenuously objects. It is “improper to accuse the DA of that”. What a bald faced hypocrite Ferreira is. Ferreira and her minions accused me of signaling one of the defendants upstairs at the Hackett Road S.O. the day everybody had been arrested. The big difference is that she was
today in court
and I was not that day in the sheriff’s office.

Ferreira is making a “Speaking objection”. That means after she makes an objection, she continues yapping after she say objection to school the witness. Judge Zuniga admonished her majesty to only state “Objection” and then shut the heck up. Ok,ok. After objection those words were what I perceived the judge to say. But her majesty did begin to shut up after she yelled objection until the judge asked her what her objection was. KAPOW AGAIN!!!

I have a lot more to write but my computer crashed two days ago and I don’t have Dragon Speaking or I would write a lot more tonight but am getting tired. I am going to close this spanking of Ferreira and her minions for now. More ahead so stay tuned.

I mentioned to a few of my commentary followers that I have a closing statement planned for my next commentary which of course is this one. The first part of this commentary is the “Clarification” part and now the Prophesy part.

I Prophesy that there are a lot of deputies/bailiffs in the courtroom making sure none of the Carson 8 try to escape. I Prophesy that one day in the not too distant future, those same deputies/bailiffs will be in the courtroom making sure that Marlissa and her minions don’t escape.



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