1. The Gentleman that raises the question about Atwal’s truck being “stolen” and set on fire has always bothered me too. It is one piece of strong evidence that isn’t easily explained away. It is a pretty fishy situation when you think about the timing of the theft and where the truck was torched. It was driven to the end of East Ave. which becomes a very remote road if you drive to the end of it. Pop-n-Cork and Woody live on East Ave. in Turlock. You drive east on East Ave. and once you pass Oakdale/Montpelier Rd. (They are the same road but name changes at county line I believe) East Ave. becomes a very remote, unkept road with hardly any ranches near by. At Looney Rd. there is a pretty big farm operation, but beyond that it is pretty desolate area. It turns into a hilly very unkept road. A great place to burn a car. Then I think why would you eat where you shit? Or is the saying why would you shit where you eat? Just driving out to the end of the road you live on and burning up your truck doesn’t sense either. It would be a great set-up if someone wanted to set them up.

    When my car won’t pass smog, and I have to use Sea Foam to try and get it to pass smog that is where I go. If you have ever had use Sea Foam you know exactly what I am talking about. It is something you do not do in town. It puts off a hell of a lot of smoke. I mean a lot! Probably sort of the same as burning up a vehicle. Woody’s version, certainly embellished, and I trust Micah when he says the way Woody described it just could not happen that way, but none-the-less an unblemished version does point to destruction of evidence. That is the one thing I have a hard time dismissing.

    Again though, we have different a version of how the body was moved that makes sense too. It also seems creditable that Bobby Tickner that may have shown up in the white pick-up and took the body. These guys are tweakers, Bobby Tickner’s truck might be buried on Cooley’s property below Kauffman’s bike (JK).

    I am just saying the only item to me that cannot easily be dismissed is Athawl’s truck being set on fire.

    1. The truck could have been stolen and used to move the body. Or Woody was working with Uncle Frank and Cooley or the truck blew the motor so they burned it (those year Silverados have engine probs) or put your own thought here. We will never know the truth. No one will ever go to prison for the murder of K Kauffman. Suspicion is not enuff to Convict a person of murder. And that is the way it shud be so innocent people don’t go to prison. Had the prosecution named only the Atwalls and Woody this would have bein a much cleaner case. The truth might have had a chance of surfacing. But the prosecution by naming innocent people has forever tainted the evidence.

      1. Anyone that fucks with “Uncle Frank”,I hate to say it here, but that is a death warrant on your head. Uncle Frank is the HAMC motorcycle? I would not want to be the guy that stole that. Can anyone explain to me more about “Uncle Frank”? I haven’t kept up on my reading. Can someone explain more about what happened with “Uncle Frank”? NO ONE FROM THE BEE PLEASE!

        I understand the burning of the Athwal’s truck is not enough to convict anyone. I am certain that Carson is innocent. As I have written before he would have set-up a justifiable homicide if someone was even accidentally beat to death on his property. When someone makes a decision to go onto anyone’s property at night the consequences can be grave. The fact that they never used cadaver dogs, served a warrant, or did anything on Cooley’s when they ruthlessly tore apart everyone else’s property is another item that truly bothers me more than the truck. I read somewhere, that just one police officer told them that was an area that didn’t need to searched. I would like that person to be placed on the stand to explain that decision, and the others that said “Yeah your right! Cooley couldn’t have done anything! Kauffman was like a son to him.” I doubt Cooley is good at math. What is the age difference there?

        The way they served warrant on Carson’s Property’s had to have been purposely done way overdone. I wonder who informed the media too, they were there pretty fast taking photos. I just went and checked the old articles when the case first broke. All I can say is, and it has been repeated a lot -WTF!

        I am convinced now that Kauffman was killed on Cooley’s property. From the start all the DA’s office has only focused on Carson. You all already know that. I wish more people would read Tom, Warren, and Marty’s blog. Three great men with the courage to stand up and tell it like it is. Thank you.

    1. That is an interesting thought and I will put something together on that today thank you, that is if I can find enough time to list all the suspects

      1. It would be a shorter list to name the people who aren’t suspects lol! Marlissa and her lil butt buddy Bunch are missing chromosomes…..I’ve decided.

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