Somebody recently commented on Dawgs Blog that maybe we should put up a list of all the suspects in the murder of Korey Kauffman. Just thinking out loud here is a list of the people involved in this case, that I guess could be considered suspects.

The first eight I only list because they been charged in this case, I know how you feel and how I feel about that.

  1. Frank Carson
  2. Georgia Defilippo
  3. Christine Defilippo
  4. Walter Wells
  5. Daljit Atwahl
  6. Baljit Atwahl
  7. Scott McFarland
  8. Eduardo Quintanar
  9. Robert Woody
  10. John Puebla (as per the DA uncharged)
  11. Ryan Schmidt ( as per the DA uncharged)
  12. Mike Cooley
  13. Bobby Ticknor
  14. Bobby Ticknors son
  15. TJ Samra
  16. Eula Keyes
  17. Keith Hobbs
  18. Jason Armstrong
  19. Rodolfo Gonzalez
  20. Linda Sue Burns
  21. Ronald Cooper
  22. Patrick Hampton
  23. Turlock secret society
  24. uncle Frank, identity unknown
  25. members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club
  26. Flaco
  27. Kevin Pickett
  28. Paul Singh

    That’s all I can recall off the top of my head anybody have any suggestions just comment below



  1. Luis Garcia, the one that Keith Hobbs was with when he hear Luis tell his girlfriend the body was hard to hide. He had the white SUV/

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