A Twin Falls, Idaho mother is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million after she claims that the tampon her daughter used has stolen her virginity.


A mother of five, Fatima Ushban, and a recent immigrant from Bangladesh, believes that the Kotex company is responsible for breaking her daughter’s hymen thus tarnishing her young daughter’s body in the eyes of the Muslim faith.

The mother stated two local reporters “who will want my daughter now? As her body has been defiled and she is now considered dirty” she said she is concerned that she does not know what to do with her or who will want to marry her in this condition. She also stated her daughter is 11 years old.

The family’s attorney claims the product packaging should have been issued a warning about losing one’s virginity when the product is inserted in the body. I guess the mother was not aware of what happens to females when they insert things in their body.

The attorney went on to ask why is there no warning that a woman’s hymen can be broken when the tampon is inserted. The breaking of the hymen and resulting loss of virginity of his client’s daughter will have dire consequences for this young girl for the rest of her life. This is a tragedy that could have been easily prevented had the company taken its responsibilities.

It was also noted that the local Imam as stated the use of tampons is not allowed by Islamic law. He stated all forms of masturbation are prohibited by Islamic law, it is offensive to have this cotton inserted fully in the internal part of the vagina, because it resembles masturbation. The Quran is quite clear about this as it states “make not your own hands contribute to your own destruction.”

So if I understand this right, this mother is suing Kotex for something that ended up violating Islamic law, but she was violating Islamic law in the first place by allowing her daughter to use this product.

When it comes to money some people adapt to this country very quickly.