1. Looking back at this mess can people share their give as to how and why this prelim turned into 401 days of this still on going mess? I go by days locked up, and not court days. Can the Judge Z just say at any point we are done? Just walk and say- “That’s is over! ” If I were her just out of frustration I would say “Excuse my French! Fuck it! We’re done! We are fucking done! Everyone go home and release everyone jail from Ms. Fereirra you do you want with Woody. I am going home before the traffic gets too bad. I even left my car running in the parking lot.”

    Landmark prelim case called the “WTF”. Hence forth all prelim hearings can use the “WTF” landmark case. This prelim has not been speedy, and let’s throw in fair too. 133 court days and today I am off so I went back and watched some interviews and read the some interviews from day one. We are still at what a couple attorneys said from the start- this affidavit reads like scientific fictional murder with a no who done it. I would like the judge who signed the affidavit to point out specific spots in it where he decided it was worthy of his signature. He didn’t even read it, right? Other judges wouldn’t sign it correct? Now the problem is how to end it. Woody was the guy with the narrative for this mess? Why didn’t the judge just say after about one week of bullshit, put Woody on the stand and let’s make a decision? Can the judge make decisions on how the prelim will take place? Can the judge tell the DA’s office this is how I want it done? Can the judge say I read the affidavit and these are the people I want on the stand now and I will make a decision?

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