Recently somebody sent me some information on a site called wrongful convictions blog See here

It is a website similar to mine that talks about wrongful convictions and how people receive help through the innocence Project.

If you look at the left side of the page you will see several people listed as contributing editors to the site, and also some affiliations they have with different agencies including the innocence Project.

The first one of note that would be of interest to us involved in the Carson case is Justin Brooks, a professor at Western school of Law and is also the director of the California innocence Project.

The second one of interest that may be interested in the Carson case is C Ronald Huff, he has a professor of criminology, law and society and sociology, and the University of California Irvine. Underneath his name you also see an email link and a profile link.

And at the very bottom of the list of people is a gentleman by the name of Martin Yant, he’s an author and a private investigator. There also is an email link and a profile link below his name and picture.

There are many interesting articles and stories about prosecutor misconduct and other issues that have been involved in the courts. Take a look and we need as many people as we can to start contacting these people and make them aware of the situation right here in Stanislaus County.

People need to stop sitting back and waiting for somebody else to do something we all have to step up and deal with the situation, that’s the only way that we can make a difference is in numbers.


  1. 18 years ago driving past a church.

    In big bold letters it said stand up for what you believe.

    Underneath in smaller letters it says prepare to duck.

    Do stand up for what you believe but also be prepared for the ramifications that can come with it. Yes I’m submitting this anonymously. I didn’t duck quick enough.

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