Court Day 134 In custody days 402 MAKE UP FOR STARTING LATE BY SHUTTING DOWN EARLY by Marty Carlson 9-20-2016 As you know the morning session was covered by Tom Jensen as the report has already been put up. The afternoon session started it 1338 hrs. and it began withContinue Reading

INNUNDATED WITH NEW DISCOVERY TURNED OVER BY PROSECUTION 11 MONTHS INTO PRELIMINARY HEARING FRANK CARSON CASE 09/20/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today, we once again started out late for the morning session. Judge Zuniga was approximately 25 minutes late arriving to the courthouse, and several of the defense attorneysContinue Reading

  Just some quick information on this morning’s court Tom is there, the judge was late, Beverly Woody has showed up again, and some new discovery was turned over that’ll be very interesting for everyone to hear once I confirm exactly what it is. Trust me you’ll want to knowContinue Reading