Just some quick information on this morning’s court Tom is there, the judge was late, Beverly Woody has showed up again, and some new discovery was turned over that’ll be very interesting for everyone to hear once I confirm exactly what it is. Trust me you’ll want to know about this one.

In addition, I have upgraded my Dragon software and it appears it is working 100% better. Plus, I talk clear with my new teeth.

More to follow, and I will be doing the afternoon session.


  1. OMG i cant wait 2 hear

    Sounds more devestating than sammy the bull
    Flipping on the teflon don

    Could it be more discovery at this late juncture

  2. Wow is it 28? I wonder how that is affecting the “tweakers” in the county? Like almost all of the 28 are tweakers?

    Judge is late again!! Well maybe all the attorneys should just show up late one day and see how the judge reacts. Truly for how long this is taking, and real people sitting in jail, this is ridiculous. She should be leaving at 5 am each morning. No excuses, doesn’t matter if you’re the Judge. Plus the traffic backs-up the other direction. Not a lot of people living in the Bay Area coming out here to work. Someone should park in her spot at the courthouse. She should take in one of the 28 suspects, let them live at her house ( I am thinking the Cooly brother that lived in the shed) , so each morning she will have 2 people in her car and can use the car pool lane. Also, she may have some amount of empathy for getting her shit stolen by tweakers!

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