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by Marty Carlson



The morning session was covered by Tom Jensen and I did the afternoon session and started at 1345 hrs. real-time.

Immediately resumed a video of Steve Jacobson and investigator Domby from the California Highway Patrol interviewing Robert Woody, they were talking about the threat that Robert Woody had made to Cory Kaufman and when he said “your asses grass.”

He was asked repeatedly by the CHP investigator, who is very aggressive and very assertive in trying to demand answers from Robert Woody mostly in regards to Scott McFarlane. The investigator kept repeating that he was interested in the CHP aspect with the officers involved but kept asking questions in regard to the Carson property and what it happened there and removal of the body.

He was obviously there for other reasons than CHP interests.

Woody stated that he was not taking any actions on behalf of Scott McFarlane, and he stated that they tired talking about making deliveries of milk to a church, but that was on a different day and did not involve anyone but the Atwahls and him.

Woody also stated that he did not feel that he had spoken out loud to Cory Kaufman, and again investigator Domby was trying to include Scott McFarlane in that conversation and what he kept telling him know he was not involved in it. They were talking about April 1, 2012 and April 2, 2012 when Scott McFarlane saw Cory Kaufman riding a bike and Scott McFarlane had told investigators that he had seen him.

And on March 30, 2012 Walter Wells had gone to pop and cork but Woody stated he does not remember any family being there. Again the investigator started talking about the family statements that were made to investigators saying they were there that night, which included Walter Wells as girlfriend, which she infected stated she had talked to Woody briefly when she had made a trip to the bathroom. It did appear that Woody was not very clear about remembering any of that. His in fact his response was “maybe yeah.”

The investigators kept repeating what occurred that night and it was obvious to me that Woody did not have a good memory of that night’s events. The did bounce around in subjects and Robert Woody said that the part where Bobby is tussling with Korey Kaufman was a lie, remember this is a story that was constantly repeated to him by investigators.

The CHP investigator says the cell phone evidence, in fact he said “the cell phone guy” has proven where everybody was at that night, an obvious attempt to discredit what he was trying to say. As we know the cell phone evidence is not very clear about where anybody was that night.

The talked about the free representation that Woody had received from Frank Carson on that one case, and then Frank Carson had talked to him about the thefts in his list of suspects. Again Woody stated Frank Carson just wanted information, to give to law enforcement, as law enforcement is not being very helpful so far but that’s all he wanted to continue to do was contact law enforcement.

There was a long conversation about the investigators feeling that Frank Carson did want to use proper channels to deal with this issue, and Woody had a response of well I believe he tried to.

CHP investigator went into a lengthy narrative to Woody talking about how it is law enforcement’s job to investigate arrest and punish people in these type of cases, in addition it gets victims their property back. Investigator Domby was actually being very assertive and I thought forceful with Robert Woody in this claim, as we all know law enforcement is pretty of ineffective in these type of cases.

The talk married to a number of subjects including Michael Cooley, TJ Samra’s recycling business of the threats that Korey Kaufman had received in the past, the threat made to Cory Kaufman by Woody. Then again the investigator insisted on bringing and Scott McFarlane in his conversation to, and Woody again stated he had nothing to do with it.

Both investigators are very assertive with the Robert Woody especially when he did not agree with what they were saying and telling him his information was a lie in fact they were attempting I felt to convince him.

Juice Jacobson was trying to convince Woody that he publicly remembers more as his statement has changed from the last time he was interviewed. CHP investigator kept telling Woody he is there to help him keep things straight. There are constantly long speeches by investigators telling Woody what his responsibilities are and telling the truth. Basically they were telling him they didn’t believe him and there were and keep asking questions until he said what they wanted to hear.

The interview then took a break and after that break the started talking again about the family that was at the pop and cork on the night of the 30th and into the 31st. They started talking about a car of Walter Wells as girlfriend that had been broken into and he was asked if he knew of anybody that might’ve been the one to do it or familiar with the property that was taken.

The conversation continually was evolving into several subjects randomly, which is a common interrogation technique, and then they started talking about people that were playing horseshoes on the property behind Carson’s house, then about Bobby going to Franks property and then D stated that they needed to get over there. Robert Woody at that point said this is a serious case and that you would tell the truth about anything even if it involved a family member.

The investigators are asking about where Cory Kaufman was buried and asked if Cory Kaufman was ever buried at the store and Woody adamantly stated no.

He was asked about a chainsaw at pop and cork and Woody stated it was used for cutting a tree in the back lot. The investigator stated Woody probably used it to remove the digits of the body, and he acted extremely surprised at that statement.

They asked him about Cory Kaufman being moved from Frank Carson’s property to the pop and cork and then to Mariposa County and Robert Woody continually said” I don’t know” he was also asked about burning the Atwahls truck and he stated the at walls felt they could improve their credit and pay off some credit cards by burning the truck.

The CHP investigator again went into a long narrative about how the Atwahls could have made more money on just selling the truck out right instead of burning it. My thought was not necessarily true some insurances just pay it off and you don’t make money off it. Steve Jacobson reminds Robert Woody he has now told several stories and wants to hear the truth.

Again investigator Domby was insisting that the truck was used to move the body and repeatedly asking questions over and over that he didn’t like the answers he was getting it appeared. And Woody kept saying and repeating he doesn’t know anything.

Woody stated he never heard anyone say get the truck to move the body or go to Frank Carson’s property.

Again the CHP investigator want to talk about the brothers trying to get out of the truck payments by torching the car, and he stated that it is ridiculous that they’re trying to improve their credit score, it was simply them using it to move the body what it needed to be burned.

Again he started asking questions about the body being moved from Carson’s property to pop and cork to Mariposa County.

The investigators at this point started telling Woody how smart he is, and others were talking about how dumb he is. This is a typical tactic to try to gain confidence in a witness that you’re trying to influence.

They kept telling him about who was there and he kept denying it so it was obvious to me that they had information prior to that interview, and this information did not come from Woody they’re trying to get it to make it sound like that it had.

Woody stated that the brothers never actually trusted him totally but they had in fact called everyone brothers, and again this CHP investigator start talk about Scott McFarlane again, was really trying to wear it out.

They started looking at some pictures that were brought into the room and apparently they were mostly private investigators and there was one that Woody was familiar with.

And again the investigators insisted his story does not jive with all the other wiretaps and body wires that have been worn already in the case.

Both investigators are being relentless and telling him he is not being totally forthcoming. In fact, the CHP investigator was telling Woody he has to have a clear image of the dead body and what it happened.

Woody finally relented to their story saying that Bobby was at the Carson property and D had run over there to assist with Cory Kaufman who was caught in the yard. The investigators described what is happening factually worried simulating with each other the beat down.

I thought it was interesting the way Robert Woody responded to what they said in an agreement that was worded “I imagine.”

The investigators are telling Woody Cory is not going to recover from this beat down and again Woody stated “I guess.”

The investigators were telling Woody he saw the out wall slapping, and hitting Cory in the head and again he stated “I guess.”

Robert Woody said something to the effect it wasn’t very clear but he saw Mike Cooley go back across the fence when the beat down started.

They talked about some injuries that was the out wall brothers had had from that beat down and Woody stated it was from an earlier altercation with somebody who tried a beer run at the store.

It was about that time that the judge ordered the video to be stopped that she’s losing concentration and court is to be continued tomorrow at 930.

Don’t forget the podcast tonight I have some interesting revelations to put out there to people.

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