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Once again, I attended the morning session of the never ending saga of the Frank Carson et al case. Once again, we do not start on time. You know how I feel about that, so I won’t rant on that today. Speaking of rants, we got several of those by Marlisa Ferreira, and they did not work for her. She gets like a broken record on her rants, and seems to be angering the judge every time. Keep up the good work Marlisa, you are making the defense’s job much easier every day. An angry judge will be ruling against you.

The day started out at 9:50AM with defense attorney Percy Martinez talking about how he wants to play the entire seven hour 2014 interview of Robert Woody that was done at the DA’s Office. This request was immediately objected to by Prosecuting DA Marlisa Ferreira. She objected to Percy’s request based on her claim that it is cumulative, hearsay, that Woody was making truthful and untruthful statements, that Robert Woody was not making a denial and thus does not meet impeachment requirements. She had the gall to mention in her first rant that this would cause the preliminary hearing to take too much time. She and her boss Birgit Fladager are the main reasons that this preliminary hearing has taken 11 months, and the prosecution has still not rested their case.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez counters Marlisa’s arguments by stating that Woody has disclaimed recollection of many of the answers he gave, that Woody has made inconsistent statements, and that Woody’s statements are a product of being coached and pressured by the investigators. Percy says that playing the entire interview will show the judge what he claims to be true.

Marlisa then goes on a very lengthy rant. She gets this weird smile on her face as she is making her arguments. She seems to be so much in love with herself, and her immense intellect. She tries to manipulate the judge by saying there is no exception to the hearsay rule. I think to myself that Percy’s arguments go much deeper than Marlisa Ferreira is addressing in her arguments. She has clearly angered the judge. She goes on another rant, which angers the judge even more. Stupid is as stupid does. She has such an ability to anger the judge.

I notice that one of our regular elderly attendees enters the courtroom. He comes by almost daily, and falls asleep in the courtroom every day in short order. He usually leaves the courtroom after our 11:00AM break. Today was no exception. I must give this person an A for effort. At least he tries. More people should try to watch what is going on in this case. What is happening here is of paramount importance to our legal system in Stanislaus County.

After being angered by Marlisa Ferreira, Judge Zuniga rules that she is letting this recording in for non-hearsay purposes. She states that she is letting it in for the effect, if any, of the officer’s statements had on the statements that were made by Robert Woody during the seven-hour interview.

We start playing the 2014 interview immediately after our 11:00 break. A very thin, and long haired Robert Woody is sitting in a room at the Stanislaus County DA’s office. He is shackled, and dressed in a red and white striped jump suit. In the room with Woody is DA Investigator Steve Jacobson and Sargent Kevin Donby of the California Highway Patrol.

Jacobson and Donby play a tape recording of a conversation that was made between Robert Woody and his brother at the Stanislaus County Jail. It is very hard for me to understand what is being said on this recording. It seems as though Woody is talking to his brother about how CHP Officer Scott McFarlane is upset with Korey Kauffman about how he is stealing things from the neighborhood. Korey Kauffman’s house was literally next door to Scott McFarlane’s house. Woody could be heard saying that Scott McFarlane had told him about his concerns while at Pop N Cork Liquors one day by the cash register. This statement was made at Pop N Cork shortly before Korey Kauffman had gone missing.

Robert Woody told the investigators that Scott McFarlane had been watching Korey Kauffman scrapping metal in his front yard. Robert Woody told the investigators that he had been to Scott McFarlane’s house once when they had to drop him off after he had been drinking at Pop N Cork Liquors. Robert Woody said that officers from the Turlock Police Department would come by after work to drink at Pop N Cork. Woody said that CHP Officer Walter Wells would come by and drink at Pop N Cork after work. Woody told the investigators that CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar would stop by Pop N Cork liquors after work.

It is at this point in the recording, that I notice just how much DA Investigator Steve Jacobson is trying to manipulate Robert Woody’s statements. Jacobson tells Woody: “We know who’s marching orders you are marching to.” Jacobson then tells Woody: “We know who put this thing in motion.” Jacobson then gives Woody details about the prosecution’s theory on this case. Jacobson tells Woody that a neighbor has identified Woody as being in a black BMW that is owned by Daljit Atwal. Jacobson tells Woody that the neighbor had seen Woody with an Indian male drive by Korey Kauffman’s house, and had heard Woody say: “Your ass is grass.” Woody denies being in the car, or making this statement. Woody gets badgered by Jacobson to admit that he had made that statement, and Woody keeps saying that he did not do this. Jacobson keeps telling Woody that he wants him to tell the truth, but Jacobson’s version of the truth is not what Robert Woody is saying.

It is now 12:00PM, and it is time for our lunchtime break. Marty Carlson will be doing the afternoon report, and we will be doing a podcast this evening at 7:00PM. Please feel free to call in tonight and speak with us.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

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