by Marty Carlson


As you saw Tom Jensen did the morning report and I am reporting on the afternoon session.

Courts promptly started at 1345 hrs. and continuing with the video of Robert Woody statement.

Just as a side note to this statement agent Domby from the California Highway Patrol who stated that he was there only for the CHP aspect of it was very aggressive and very heavily involved of all aspects of this interview and asked very few questions concerning the CHP officers. He is very assertive in his questions in regards to the movement of the body what occurred on the Carson property, and what occurred at pop N cork when the body was taken near know that information contained any information concerning CHP officers but he was heavily involved in the questioning and in fact giving Woody information about what they were looking for.

Robert Woody said Bobby had driven the truck to the mountains and he was not aware of the spot that they had driven to his he’s not familiar with the area. He stated he was unknown how Bobby knew the spot to go to, and he did not have any idea of the length of the drive but it was definitely too long of a drive. He had no idea of the route taken and Woody stated he was just along for the drive. He also stated it was unknown if Bobby had his phone with him.

He was asked by CHP investigator about Korey Kauffman’s phone, and if Korey had it with him on that fateful night. Woody stated he was not aware if he had a phone or not.

Something very interesting happened at that point, Woody’s attorney, Martin Baker, began asking Woody, in front of the investigators, questions about the garden being rototilled and the removed dirt. Woody started to say something but the investigators interrupted with another question as they were constantly doing. This must’ve been a big disappointment to Martin Baker who want to play investigator at that point.

During that interview Robert Woody, Baljit Atwahl, were in the truck with the body in the back, and there was no Robin Attenhoffer with them. When they arrived at the gravesite they pulled off to the side of the road but was still on the asphalt and the body was dumped on top of the ground. No lights were used in this was all done by starlight.

Woody stated the body was clothed, but when he was asked about the smells, the decomposition, the condition of the body, who is very hesitant and did not appear to know what to say. In addition, they did not use any gloves when they moved the body from out of the truck, but he did state they may have used some towels or some rags. The body was laid face down. They had carried the body approximately 50 feet to where the dumping ground was

When they got back they had taken the Truck Out to the country on East Ave. in Turlock, where was Dan burned use a cigarette and a book of matches as a fuse, they were then transported back in another car into town and he could see the truck burned in the rearview mirror.

Woody’s attorney Martin Baker, again felt the urge to implicate his client some more, began asking Woody if they had stopped anywhere with the body in the back of the truck to get gas or any other services. Woody stated they did not make any stops either going to or coming from.

This question seemed to stimulate the investigators on to more questions regarding the trip and start inquiring if of the street to and from the mountains no stops or carwashes etc. to clean the truck or for gas. In addition, they start inquiring about the route taken.

Steve “the juice” Jacobson had asked Woody how people knew that the body was at pop and cork as that was the word on the streets that was being told to investigators. I noticed at this point Woody was not talking much but listening to a lot of things that were being told to him. They were also asking about Scott McFarlane helping put the garden in where the body was, in Woody stated he has a ranch and knows about these things. He stated McFarland rototilled the ground and then placed fertilizer on the ground and rototilled it again.

And then Woody started talking about that Robin Attenhoffer apparently had talked to his mother Beverly about what happened and that was in large part how word got out about it.

Now I know it sounds like I’m jumping subject but this is how the conversation went in the interview. It was very hard to follow at times as he constantly jumped areas of conversation.

The investigators talked about Korey Kauffman phone again, and what happened to it after he had died, when asked about Walter Wells having it he said “who”? Was not sure at first who they were talking about but then did say after a little bit of prompting Walter Wells pulled up to the pump and cork about 2 AM shortly after the body was buried, and hung out at the store for a while.

He stated Walter Wells was laughing when he pulled up, unknown why, and was still drinking after the store had closed after they had come back. CHP investigator stated there is something in all that that keeps Walter from talking to them. I really do not know what he meant by that obviously Woody did not either.

Woody stated he was not real familiar with Walter Wells on the night that they had killed Korey.

Jacobson began talking about the cell phone tower hits on Korey Kauffman’s phone, Modesto, Delhi, and in the area Frank Carson’s office during that 16 days after his death. Remember this is a time. Before Jim Cook’s intervention in this case.

At this point the video had reached the end of the DVD being played, there was a long delay when they tried to insert another disk and it did not seem to want to play, we heard a lot of excuses, like it’s the wrong program or formatting problem, but the bottom line is it turned out to be operator error.

The CHP investigator was talking to Martin Baker that he is going to be really hard on the officers he feels that are involved. Also note at that time Robert Woody was not in the room. Jews had been talking to Baker about the transportation of Woody back to 20 County jail and was pretending to act like he was concerned about his safety. And then was confirming with the attorney if it was okay to keep Woody in the local jail for that night to continue the interrogation in the morning. And he stated that he just wants to keep them happy and also they need more details.

Woody came back into the room they began discussing the beating by the out walls and Woody was not very clear on who was the one that decided to take the body back to pop and cork.

CHP investigator Domby made the statement that Frank Carson wanted a beating to make an example to others. He went on to say Frank Carson wanted someone to do something that law enforcement could not do. He wanted to know who was on his property and wanted to know when somebody was caught. Woody said that Frank Carson wanted the lazy ass law enforcement to do their jobs. And apparently the brothers have a reputation of taking care of business without cops.

Now keep in mind this CHP investigator says he is only concerned about the involvement of the CHP officers.

Investigator Domby asked if Frank Carson knew that they were checking out his property, and Jacobson was asking if they had keys to the gate for access to the property. Woody stated that Frank Carson tried to lock things down quite a bit when the thefts had started, to keep people out of the containers in such. He was also asked if anybody had placed any nails in any boards or other type booby-traps in the back of the property by the fence, and Woody stated he was not aware.

He was asked again about what happened when they put the body in the back of the truck at the property and Woody stated he was not aware of who actually closed the gate to the property with the tailgate on the truck. He also stated that it was Daljit that did not want to leave the body there. He stated there was obvious he was not in charge as he would not take orders from him and both were very bossy to him but it was Bobby’s idea to remove the body.

Woody stated that Bobby had called his brother to come over to the property, Daljit told Woody to get in the car and never explained where they’re going or why. He also stated he did not know if either brother had checked the property for other subjects after the Korey Kauffman beat down. Woody also stated he heard conversations while the brothers were on the phone later on and using terms like “uncle Frank”

about that time, we took our afternoon break, if it seems that the story is not flowing very well here is because that is the way the interview went and bounced around from question the question, on different subjects and sometimes not waiting for an answer to the previous question.

CHP investigator Domby was asking if making an example of somebody would make Frank Carson happy Woody stated “I don’t know.” They also began talking about receiving “love letters”, which in street slang is receiving notifications of being intercepted on a wiretap, and people were constantly talking about staying off their phones. He was also asked if anybody had bought burner phones, also known as throwaways, he stated he was not aware.

Woody did state that Frank Carson had constantly said to notify the cops, or him, to notify the cops with the information. Woody was asked if Carson wanted to make examples of people that were coming into the yard, he was not aware.

Woody was asked about Frank Carson making statements about people keeping his name out of the situation, but apparently someone had let him know.

They also discussed there had been so much traffic at the back of the property there was foot trails that people had been wearing in after coming through or over the fence near the containers. Again Woody emphasized that Frank Carson had kept saying he wanted “justice done” and CHP investigator immediately jumped in and asked if he wanted “Street justice” done. Again Woody was not aware of anything like that.

The investigators asked if Carson would take care of you if you got in trouble Woody simply stated” yeah.”

Again CHP investigator Domby was dominating the interrogation asking if the brothers told him to be quiet and all would be okay. And suggested that Carson would take care of you, again Woody’s response was a simple “yeah.” He also stated that he heard Bobby on the phone using the term uncle Frank but did not really know who he was talking to.

A couple of private investigators had showed up at the store to talk to people, apparently they were hired by Frank Carson, and Woody had no idea what they were going to talk to the brothers about.

Investigator Jacobson then plays a recording of a wiretap talking to someone about the investigators coming to the store, but it was not clear who he was talking to. The Robert Woody had had no conversations with Frank Carson personally all the information came to the brothers.

Jacobson started asking about some information that had been put on police, and Beverly Woody’s saying that they were going to make money off of this. And Woody stated that apparently he thought Frank Carson was also going to put a lawsuit on the District Attorney’s Office also.

Woody was asked again about Walter Wells appearing at the pop and cork that night and he stated that Walter Wells was inside with “D” after the store was closed and the body was already in the ground. Sometime later he had walked home and he saw Walter Wells drive away from the store when they all left about the same time.

They noted that Walter wells his dad had passed away and they were having a celebration of life on April 1, 2012 and the out walls had attended and in fact had stored food for the event at the store.

CHP investigator Domby said to Woody that Walter Wells had said to Patrick Emery there is a guy from the pop and cork name Woody involved in a missing persons case. They also talked about the brothers had never said anything about Korey Kauffman’s phone any time after.

They then discussed how Scott McFarland had come over and planted a garden about a month later after the body had been moved. But Woody stated he did not feel that Scott McFarland had anything to do with Korey Kauffman missing or being hurt. CHP officer Domby then stated somebody had been following Scott McFarland because they didn’t trust him for some reason.

CHP investigator Domby asked Woody if there’s anything at or that occurred at the store that any of these officers may not want anyone to know about, and he did state that Walter Wells would bring some girls over once in a while. He stated that no other officers had.

About this time investigator Jacobson was called out of the room, and returned just a few seconds later, and he stated to Woody that he was told they may be asking too many leading questions. And he stated to Woody we do not want to put words in your mouth we want to hear from you. I kind of chuckled to myself and felt it’s a little too late now.

Woody stated that he did not have any blood on his clothes after handling the body, and he had no real need to clean up other than washing his hands. He did state that the brothers had to change clothes and that he did take a sheet rock knife to cut up the hands on the body, he said no chainsaw was used.

That was the end of the day, I know it seems a little confusing but they did jump subjects dramatically and it was at times hard to keep up with. It also appeared that the CHP investigator was very aggressive in this investigation and not into just the involvement of the CHP officers. He also noted to Martin Baker that he was going to go hard on these officers in this case and what is exactly has happened.

Court was then put in recess until Monday at 10 AM as is the usual time on Mondays, it appears that there is about one more hour of this interview and then they will restart the cross examination of Woody.