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Today, I once again am reporting on the morning session of the Frank Carson et al preliminary hearing that will never end. Once again, Judge Zuniga was late to court, and we were able to start at 9:54AM. My God, if she had ever worked for Gallo, like I did at one time, she would have been fired on her first week of employment. Government jobs are certainly the way to go.

I am coming to realize that there are two different ways to look at the prosecution’s case. If you can believe the ever changing testimony of Robert Woody, and disregard the plethora of lies that he has told, you might feel that the Athwal brothers were involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. I am simply not in that camp whatsoever. His testimony is basically the only thing that directly points to them being involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. He has been extensively coached to provide his current story, and his own mother has been caught suborning perjury in his testimony. I don’t think she will ever be charged with suborning perjury. The State of California would not want to become responsible for her medical care while she is incarcerated. It would cost them too much money to justify doing so.

We start out at 9:54AM by continuing to watch a video recording of a seven-hour interview that was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s office in August, 2015. I was in error in my last article by writing that the interview was done in 2014. In the room with Woody, is DA Investigator Steve Jacobson, CHP Sargent Kevin Domby, and Martin Baker who is one of Robert Woody’s attorneys. Martin Baker had very long hair, and reminded me of “Meathead” on All in The Family. Steve Jacobson starts out by talking about how Baljit Athwal’s truck was parked a short distance away from the Carson property the night Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed on the Carson property. Steve Jacobson shows Robert Woody a picture of Georgia DeFelippo, which Woody does not recognize. Sargent Domby speaks about how all people have the ability to shoot someone with a gun. He points out how the officers that he works with do it, and that the Athwal brothers certainly could do so. He states that one of the Athwal brothers pointed a gun at Woody.

The investigators then speak about how Woody had seen Baljit Athwal hitting Korey Kauffman in the back of the head, and was slapping him. They talk about how Robert Woody had intervened, and asked Woody if that was true. Woody said that he had pulled on the shirt of Baljit and Daljit to try to get them to stop beating Korey Kauffman. Woody says that Korey Kauffman was bleeding from the face. Steve Jacobson talks about the possibility of a gun being shot, and Robert Woody says that it could have been the sound of someone hitting a piece of tin. There was a lot of scrap tin around the area where the killing allegedly occurred. Jacobson suggests that it could have been a small caliber rifle that was used.

Jacobson asks Woody why Scott McFarlane had left his rifle at Pop N Cork liquors. I really did not hear Woody’s response to that question. Jacobson mentions that Eduardo Quintanar left guns at Pop N Cork as well. CHP Sargent Domby asks Woody if the sound he heard could have been a gun shot. Woody said: “Yes sir.”

Sargent Domby tells Woody that it is much less serious being charged as being an accessory after the fact than being charged with murder. He tells Woody that he was used to clean up the mess. He says that the Athwal brothers had used people. Domby: “They knew the cops were going to divert the investigation. Domby: “This is very different from you driving the bus.” “We don’t believe you were the driver of the bus.” “You got caught up in their bull shit.”

Domby then tells Woody: “Give us a play by play blow of what happened.” “We have to go to the next part.” “I care, Jake cares, you will find some peace.” “They don’t care about Wells; they don’t care about you.” The investigators reminded me of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Snakes in the grass.

Woody then talks about loading Korey Kauffman’s body into what sounded like a bag, and how the body was loaded into the back end of a pickup truck. Woody says that Frank Carson was not at the Carson property when the killing allegedly occurred. Woody initially denies being involved with the burial of Korey Kauffman at Pop N Cork. Woody’s attorney Martin Baker speaks to Woody about being truthful.

Woody then says that the pickup truck was burned the same night that they had gotten back from moving the body to the mountains. This allows the investigators to work out how long Korey Kauffman was allegedly buried at Pop N Cork liquors.

Woody then speaks about how he dug a grave at Pop N Cork Liquors that was approximately two feet deep.

Now came some interesting statements from Woody. He spoke about when he helped to dig up the body at Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody said that they hauled a large amount of the dirt from the grave, along with the body, to the mountains. Woody said that the grave site at Pop N Cork Liquors had been roto-tilled at a later date. This makes me think about how the cadaver dogs did not “hit” on the site when it was searched.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


    1. the really important break was about 45 minutes, and he came back singing a different tune from that break. I’m sure it was just a coincidence

      1. Soil samples!! Soil Samples!! Did they and could they right now go check the soil around were the body was and see if it came from it matches the soil around the Atwal’s. That would be the first thing I would do after that bit of testimony by Woody. There should be soil on Kauffamn’s clothes too from wherever he was beat down.

        1. The interview was in 2014, right after he was arrested. You will have to ask the investigators if they stopped being lazy for 2 minuets and checked the soil.

          1. When is the judge just going to say- I have heard enough! Woody is your main witness, he has told multiple stories, none of them make any sense. It is over!! None of this makes sense!!

            What makes sense? Cooley did it. They have to know that Cooley did it. That is the only narrative that makes sense. A bunch of people in jail, and Cooley is just free to shoot heroine, tweak to get back going, shoot more heroine to come back down, just riding the drug roller coaster, probably stealing to support his habit. The “Multi-Agency-Task Force” served search warrants all over, but not at Cooley’s? WTF. SOM of the DA’s office, and I would say COG, but they obviously do not have C part of the COG, from the start it has always been an SOM agenda by the DA’s office to get Carson at any cost, or lie, or anyway possible! I wish the DA’s office had a COG.

  1. Did the police ever check out the boarded up house that Cooley had property stored in that Korey was caught stealing from and was killed by Cooley over this as stated prior? Seems like the Investigators have done a piss poor job on this case just trying to frame Carson and the others. Possible some of the Investigators might be tied to the murder of Korey Kauffman. Just saying. Did they ever check out the place where Garcia hide the body for any DNA?

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