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  1. Some information I would like you all to talk about-
    Timeline Woody gave for moving the body to mountains coming back and burning a car and what happened when they got back with the drinking and whatnot. It makes totally no sense to any logical person who has driven that road. Also, the location Atwals chose to quickly dump a body makes no sense. It had to be someone that new the area. I can, with a large amount of certainty, tell that Woody was not in the Vehicle, he would have had to have been able to describe a steep windy road that has a lot of cut backs. Then you are only Coultervills, then to Greely Hill you go up the same type of road. He would have certainly remembered going through Coulterville, or least be able to describe it. One other item he should have been able to describe is all the lights you can see from the cities below, that is a view that one doesn’t forget. Cut backs, steep grades, city lights from Modesto to Turlock from a distant beautiful view (unless you are dumping a body then it might no be so beautiful, but he would remember) Unless he had his head under the seat he would have remembered going through Coulterville. Sum up- is a steep grade up with lots of turn backs, a view of the valley below, the old mining town of Coutlerville. Did he describe any of that? You do not forget going up that road for the first time, day or night. They would have dumped the body a long time before the real site the body was found. Woody and the Atwals did not make that trip.

    If they wanted to dump the body quickly they have gone southeast up towards Mariposa. Timeline is not possible. Drive from Pop-n-Cork to the area body was found and you will understand. Can Woody even describe getting out to where to truck was burned?

    The Judge should drive the road one day from Pop-n-Cork to dump site and see what it is like. She would dismiss the case right then. The body was never in Atwal’s garden. Only logical narrative is Cooley beat up Kauffman and purposely or accidentally, killed him. They called someone with a truck and they dumped the body that same day. I would look for people that know the area- Bobby Tickner or an associate.

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