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  1. On 2/24/2016 Lingerfelt testified that the forensics report of Kauffman’s remains indicated that it had not been “hacked to pieces”(and only gnawed by animals.) On 3/1/2016 Martha Magana get Lingerfelt to testify that informant #1 had talked to Deborah Ochoa while wearing a wire in May of 2014. Ochoa said that Korey Kauffman was drug with a chain up in the mountains and how they had left his remains above ground on the grass.

    Marlissa Ferreira gets Bunch to talk about Korey Kauffman killed over stolen property. Details were provided that showed Korey Kauffman allegedly jumped over the fence, took some property from Carson’s property, came back over the fence, and that is when they got him. So it would appear that Korey was killed on Cooley’s property.

    Woody has testified earlier that they moved the body in a truck with no cover and the body in plain sight. No mention of dirt being put in the truck. If Scott McFarlane tampered with the dirt you think he would have been charged with accessory to murder and not Wells. Scott McFarlane is being put more into the case more than Wells and yet Wells is the one being charged.

    The DA and Investigators have come up with so many difference stories in this case it is not even funny. If one doesn’t work they try another.

  2. In the Turlock Journal dated August 25, 2015 Ferriera puts Jacobson on the stand and he states that he had interviewed Woody on August 14 and 15th after the defendants were arrested and Woody cooperated with Law Enforcement providing new details about the murder and aftermath. Go figure. Time to start coming up with new material for the DA.

  3. I think DA’s office has destroyed themselves with their timeline. There just isn’t enough time do do what they did.

    I still believe the Judge should take the trip Woody described. Albeit Woody did not describe it well. She should make the ride from Pop-n-Cork to Smith Station Rd. area where body was found, come back to Pop-n-Cork and drive out to where the car was burned and back. She would figure out 1- that it doesn’t fit the timeline and 2- Woody should be able to describe the trip a lot better. Remembering that a body was in back of the truck. The trip requires getting up to 3,500′ and that doesn’t happen around here with out a lot of switch backs, and steep climbs. Did Woody describe any of that? Woody’s narrative now I do not even believe Woody was involved at all.

    1. The judge will never do it she gets lost in her own backyard it is late when she does it

  4. I watched about an hour of Woody’s interview with Jacobson and the CHP officer and the thing that really stood out to me was how little information Woody gives.

    What usually happened was Woody would be asked a question. Woody wouldn’t say anything for 2-5 seconds and the investigators would jump in and ask an easier either/or question and then Woody would pick one of their options.

    Sometimes, though, Woody would say something definite and then they would tell him he was wrong and so he’d say something else. For example, they asked him where he buried the body at Pop ‘n Cork. Satellite pictures were shown and Woody showed them a spot and Jacobson said something to effect of, “No that’s too far back” and then after some discussion got Woody to say another spot on the Pop ‘n Cork property.

    A second example, the investigator asked Woody what they did with the body after it was loaded in the truck. Woody says “we took it up to the mountains” . The investigator says No, you didn’t because we have cell phone evidence that says you didn’t, so unless everyone left their cell phone in a can, you didn’t go to the mountains, So you went back to Pop ‘n Cork, right? Yeah, Woody agrees.

    That is how the whole interview I saw went. If this was a confession, it was a confession by multiple-choice.


  5. So sometime in April, 2012 the body was moved to the mountains and hunter Gary Crosby found the remains in August, 2013. In the year 2012 you would have thought that someone would have seen the body since hunters and campers go to this area often . Don’t understand why it took 15 months before remains found. Jason Armstrong and David Mcmillan stated they had a camp site close to where the remains were found that they would go to everytime they went camping. Something just does not smell right.

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