A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines.

The punishment for perjury under state law varies from state to state, but perjury is a felony

and carries a possible prison sentence of at least one year, plus fines and probation.


From the state of California Penal Code:

118. (a) Every person who, having taken an oath that he or she will

testify, declare, depose, or certify truly before any competent

tribunal, officer, or person, in any of the cases in which the oath

may by law of the State of California be administered, willfully and

contrary to the oath, states as true any material matter which he or

she knows to be false, and every person who testifies, declares,

deposes, or certifies under penalty of perjury in any of the cases in

which the testimony, declarations, depositions, or certification is

permitted by law of the State of California under penalty of perjury

and willfully states as true any material matter which he or she

knows to be false, is guilty of perjury.

This subdivision is applicable whether the statement, or the

testimony, declaration, deposition, or certification is made or

subscribed within or without the State of California.

(b) No person shall be convicted of perjury where proof of falsity

rests solely upon contradiction by testimony of a single person

other than the defendant. Proof of falsity may be established by

direct or indirect evidence.

126. Perjury is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision

(h) of Section 1170 for two, three or four years.

127. Every person who willfully procures another person to commit

perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury, and is punishable in the

same manner as he would be if personally guilty of the perjury so


128. Every person who, by willful perjury or subornation of perjury

procures the conviction and execution of any innocent person, is

punishable by death or life imprisonment without possibility of

parole. The penalty shall be determined pursuant to Sections 190.3

and 190.4.

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  1. I’m so sick and tired of this fucking prelim going on so long.

    Just hold them to answer or not. Either there’s enough evidence (almost a half year–court days–in now) to hold them to answer or there ain’t. The Stanco DAs office has simply performed an atrocious implementation of justice; I expect my DAs office to be succinct and cogent enough to have the prelim done in weeks. The either got the guy (or, gal for you SJWs) or they don’t.

    “Don’t kidnap, false imprison, or lie: the government doesn’t like competition”.

  2. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/5/29/1388819/-Judge-disqualifies-all-250-prosecutors-in-Orange-County-CA-because-of-widespread-corruption

    Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption. Could Stanislaus County be next? Maybe that is why she is letting this mess go on? I know people do not like Kamala Harris around here, but what press conference for her sometime in mid-October. She can come out and talk about how she helped clean out corrupt DA’s offices in California. They have broken several laws in this case and maybe others? This case might be being watched by higher ups? Fladagers DA’s office might be on the verge of being the next Orange County and it would be great timing for Kamala. Can I use the line I think Warren uses “Just saying”

    1. Expecting Kamala Harris to do something about this is a far reach. She is too busy now planning her political career.

    2. Or better yet contact the reporters who will be at the press conference and ask them to ask Kamala about this case as well as the oc one. What has she done in her tenure to protect the public from prosecutoral abuse?

        1. Do you believe there is fear in the DA’s office now about how they have handled this? Do you believe they will held accountable for their actions from higher ups. When will the defense cross examine Woody? Will Cooley be on the stand? This is big one to me- Will they find the person who gave directions to not serve a search warrant on Cooley’s property and explain why he/she made that decision? Who made the decision so early to not treat Cooley as suspect?

          How much credibility do you give to the person that said, what I believe to be true, he was beat down on Cooley’s property and hauled away in a white king cab truck?

          COG that we are all so sick of, could a COG by Athwals and Woody be explained by maybe burning Atwal’s truck for insurance. An unfortunate timing for insurance fraud and arson. Just bad timing and they thought the police were investigating them for that? I should use SOM because I know dog loves this SOM, COG stuff. (JK) I just actually forgot what SOM meant…… thinking… thinking… State of Mind! That sense too. Their SOM might have been the police are after us for fraud and arson.

          I just want to throw in this, when Cooley described aluminum pipe stacked teepee style, is that what he said? Right there he should have become the number one suspect. It is impossible to stack any long pipe in that style. Stacking aluminum pipe in any style requires a lot of noise and cussing unless you put them side by side on the ground. Teepee style is impossible. I googled the hell out of it and cannot find one image or a how on teepee style. The pipe was never there unless side by side. Kauffman never went over the fence. He was beaten down by Cooley and taken away in a white king cab truck. All other scenarios make no sense at all.

          1. They are crossing Woody now and is why the video is being played.
            The Da’s office has no fear just arrogance, and will be their downfall.

  3. It’s funny how no pipes were ever found on Carson’s property. These tweekers are so fucking high they are seeing things that’s not there. Time to come back to earth tweekers.

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