Once again, Judge Zuniga was late for court. We were supposed to start at 10:00AM, but the judge was once again stuck in traffic. We did not start watching the 7-hour interview of Robert Woody until 10:47AM. This interview was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s Office on 08/14/2015. Everyone is getting frustrated with how she is late every day for work. I am sure she gets paid the same amount every day she works, so getting to work on time is probably low on her priority list.

When we start playing the recorded interview, the investigators are asking Robert Woody about the saw that he used to cut off the fingers and toes of Korey Kauffman. Woody states that he threw it away after burning it. Woody talks about how they drove the body of Korey Kauffman up Hwy 140 to the Stanislaus National Forest where his body was dumped. Woody talks about how he dumped the fingers and toes of Korey Kauffman into a river. It appears that he and Robin Attenhoffer had driven to a river to dump the fingers and toes after they had returned to Turlock after dumping Korey Kauffman’s body in the forest.

Woody talks about how he believes that the finger print on the right thumb is exactly the same as the toe print on the left big toe. I don’t think this is true.

Woody is heard saying that he put Korey Kauffman’s boots back on his feet after cutting off the toes. Woody then states that he dumped the fingers and toes into the river around 2:00AM with his girlfriend Robin Attenhoffer. This would be impossible, since they allegedly left Turlock with the body around 1:00AM for the mountains.

Woody said that he went to a gas station in Turlock to get gas to burn the truck after they got back to Turlock from the mountains. This is just another thing that would make the prosecution’s time line impossible by several hours. Woody has testified that the whole thing was done by 5:00AM, and he was walking home by that time. It would take a minimum of 4 hours round trip to the burial site from Pop N Cork. He then got the gas to burn the truck, then drove to the river to dump the fingers and toes, then drove out East Ave to burn the truck, then returned to Pop N Cork. This simply could not be done by the time he said it was done. Just saying folks.

Woody is heard on the recording saying that Korey Kauffman was not wearing a hat. He said Kauffman was dressed in a light colored shirt with some graphics on the front, regular pants, and was not wearing a hoodie. Woody said that there was a foul smell from the body when he and Robin Attenhoffer dug Korey Kauffman up at Pop N Cork. He said that he and Robin wore water soaked rags over their faces to deal with the smell. These rags and others were burned in pits that he dug in the ground by the gate at Pop N Cork. We are now done with the 7-hour recording.

I must say that everything that Woody said on this recording came after being coached by the investigators. They would give him information, and coach the answer they desired from him. Every single statement was obtained by using leading questions, and providing him with details that the investigators believed would fit their theory. They would not relent until Woody gave them the answer that would they wanted, and Woody learned quickly to satisfy their wishes.

At 11:25AM, Robert Woody is put back on the stand. Defense attorney Percy Martinez continues his lengthy cross examination by asking Woody when he found out that he was going to do the 08/14/2015 interview. Woody could not recall. When asked why he did the interview, Woody could not recall. Woody was asked if he told the truth during the interview. Woody: “I lied.” He always lies, on every statement that he had made. He has actually testified that he has lied on every statement.

Woody could not remember when asked by Percy Martinez if he read the transcripts of his interview that was done on 08/14/2015. Woody denied that he was providing the answers on the interview in order to get a plea deal. Woody denied going to Frank Carson’s property before he gave his interview on 08/14/2015. He said that he went to Frank Carson’s property after he did the interview.

Robert Woody denied talking to DA Investigator Steve Jacobson before he did the interview. Woody was then taken out of the courtroom while this was argued. Percy Martinez goes to the transcripts to show that Woody had talked to Jacobson before Woody’s attorney Martin Baker had come into the room.

Percy Martinez then asks Woody about the three bathroom breaks that he took during the interview. There was a total of around 45 minutes of time that he was allegedly using the bathroom. I am sure this gave the investigators ample time to give Woody the coaching he needed to say the things that they wanted him to say.

Percy Martinez then asks Woody if he spoke with Marlisa Ferreira before his attorney Martin Baker came into the room. Woody: “Don’t know, might have.” Percy Martinez: “Did you talk to Jake before Martin Baker came in?” Woody: “Don’t recall.” Percy Martinez has Woody read the transcript of his interview. Percy: “Did you discuss your testimony with Jake?” Woody: “I might have.” Woody said that reading the transcript did not refresh his memory. It reminds me of Sargent Shultz in Hogan’s Heroes. I KNOW NOTHING. He has been coached to say that reading his own words does not refresh his memory. By doing so, the defense can’t ask any more questions concerning that issue. How can anyone believe anything that comes from Robert Woody’s mouth?

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)