Court day 108 Custody day 409 Persuasion from a higher calling by Marty Carlson 9-27-2016 The afternoon session started it 1339 hours in this Woody’s was starting to get up on the stand is attorney Bruce Perry stated he wanted to have a conversation with him and delete proceeding forContinue Reading

ROBERT WOODY GRILLED ONCE AGAIN BY PERCY MARTINEZ FRANK CARSON CASE 09/27/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today, Judge Zuniga was only 5 minutes late arriving at the courthouse, but court did not start until 9:50AM, twenty minutes after the intended start time. It would be nice if we couldContinue Reading

  Interesting exchange between Percy Martinez and Robert Woody, more lies have been revealed. Tom Jensen in the morning session his report will be up soon as I can. Trust me this will end eventuallyContinue Reading