1. Steve Jacobson a man of God. What a joke. He is nothing but a deceitful piece of shit, a stocker, lowlife, wantabe who needs to be in jail himself. He needs to stop using God the way he is. God will take care of him and it won’t be nice. Anyone who knows Jacobson or has had issues with him know exactly what he is and how he operates.

    This case should not have gone on for this long and I feel the Judge should have thrown it out a long time ago. There is no evidence to hold these innocent people in jail. It has been proven over and over again how the DA and Investigators have lied and intimidated witnesses and coached them into what to say.

    Right thumb and left big toe has the same print where in the world did he come up with this? If this doesn’t make him look stupid I don’t know what else would. He really needs to stop with all the bull crap.

    Marty you and Tom have given up your life to be in court everyday to report and let people know what is going on in court. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but unless they are willing to give up their life and be present in court everyday they really don’t know all the details. You and Tom are doing a fantastic job and putting out there as much as you can. People need to realise that some things are missed so if they want to have a complete knowledge of all the lies and different accounts of what happened need to be in court everyday themselves.

    Thank you Marty and Tom for the fantastic job you are doing.


  2. The Judge has made the comment of Tin Is In. In my opinion I feel the Judge is saying to stop to the DA with all her rambling because it is not helping her case. Sometimes the less said is better. If you continue to ramble on you can hurt the case yourself.

    Kent your not hated but Marty is only trying to say what he feels will happy from what is being presented in court. No one knows what other info you have heard from other sources to base your opinion. So far there is no real evidence. The DA continues everyday to come up with different stories and how this all happened. If she has real proof then why not present it. Why continue with this circus. The Investigators were the ones who put Carson’s name into the Kauffman case and put it on the streets of Turlock to get people to start talking and coming up with stories.

    1. Kent Morgan is right spot on in his analysis of this case. Marty just can’t handle the truth because he is way too bias and just an advocate for the defendants and their families.

      The judge is ready to rule and issue a holding order for all the defendants.

      Justice for Korey

      1. You don’t seem very convincing since you’re not willing to put your name on it mr. Or mrs. Anonymous.
        Not to mention you haven’t put the information out to why you believe that.
        Tell me why and put your name on it. I put my name on everything why can’t you?

      2. We all know who wrote this post and I am sure it is Mark Davis aka Mr. Microphone. Kent Morgan is allowed to have his own opinion but it should be made from actually evidence and not rumors. Kent may end up being right, who knows. In his defense, he is just saying he believes there is enough to hold the Atwals over for trial (I never heard him say they are guilty). I know for a fact that a lot of lies have been told and the prosectution had drug innocent people into this case. Unless you were there the night that this all supposedly happened then you really have no right to say who is guilty or not. Everyone needs to remember that there are a lot of people who have been affected by this case and this is a very emotional subject for those involved. Someone lost their life and others have had their lives taken away for something they did not do. I have and will continue to pray for everyone involved and lets hope the real truth is revealed. The one thing I know for sure is that Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes (and that whole gang of drug addicts who were living at the Cooley residence) know what happened to Korey and were involved. Makes me sick to know they are free running the streets of Turlock while good people (like my brother Walter Wells) are sitting in jail for something he had nothing to do with. I have been heartbroken over all of this and I can see how some of you are upset with what Kent has said but please remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Its his opinion and doesnt mean he is right.

  3. If the Judge is ready to rule then why doesn’t she do it? She can’t even be on time for court, continues to let the DA come up with more discovery material after the Judge gave her a time line which has come and gone for all discovery she has and the law enforcement and Investigators to turn over to the defense . Well here the DA comes with more that she has had. Something not right here. Seems like Judicial Sanctions need to be filed in this case.

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