FRANK CARSON et al 9-29-2016 (marty)


By Marty Carlson


Tom Jensen did the morning session and did hang around for the afternoon session to because of the nature of the testimony, so his report will be up much later tonight as he is a full day to document.

The afternoon session started around 1340 hrs. and it was attorney Hans doing a cross examination on Robert Woody. Started out kind of funny when Hans asked Woody what he had for lunch, and Woody stated he had pizza and beer, and then started laughing and said he had a typical County lunch. That means was probably a bologna sandwich and some fruit.

Hans began talking about when Woody turned himself in in the first interview he had was with Kirk Bunch and Woody stated it was with the big cheek guy meaning John Evers.

At that point it was brought the attention by Mme. DA that private investigator Steve Duden was in the gallery and he’s under subpoena and subject to be called for testimony and requested that he be removed from the courtroom. Apparently he was asked to leave and refused to do so the judge did order him to leave.

Woody was asked about when he was still with Candi Watt’s and living in motels moving around the Turlock area, just before he turned himself in.

And then when he was talking to the investigators about the body wire worn by Maranda Dykes and what he had said about feeding did body to the pigs. Woody stated he did not recall telling investigators that he was there when the Cory Kaufman beat down occurred on the Frank Carson property. He was given the transcript to refresh his memory and he still did not recall after reading the transcript of the interview.

He was also asked about some burglary charges of a residence in Hughson he stated he did not do it but he did plea to it.

Again he was asked to leave the stand for an offer of proof about whether he did not he was being told he is facing a murder charge and his state of mind and the judge disallowed that line of questioning.

In the March 2014 interview Steve Jacobson said to him you didn’t try to hurt Korey Kauffman only help him, again he didn’t really recall so he is reading a transcript again, and he said again he does not remember.

He was asked about the bathroom break were Kirk Bunch said on the video that he had made a statement during the break in the bathroom and he did not recall that either.

Then began asking about his attorney and privilege they had in their conversations which included a private investigator that he and the attorney had told him to tell them what they wanted to hear. Again he did not recall.

They began discussing a phone call that he had to his dad from the jail that would been recorded where he told his dad they want me to lie and muddy it up and say I did it. Woody again stated he did not recall the conversation and repeated that after he read the transcript.

There were talking about what Cory Kaufman was wearing he said it was a shirt of Woody and some boot type shoes. But originally he had stated he could not remember what Korey Kauffman was wearing, when he first talks to Kirk Bunch that all the sudden had a flash of memory one day then could remember it again.

It did appear that Woody was getting really confused about what and when he remembered about the clothing, but did remember it was after the August 2015 interview.

Also during that August 2015 interview he stated that he did not recall that Cory was wearing a T-shirt with the logo on it, but he had what he called a back thought that made him remember the logo on the shirt one day.

On the night of the alleged incident he did not know what time he had arrived at pop and cork he stated D was there and was pretty sure Bobby was there. He stated he had very little recollection of the time of day that he had arrived and D was at the register and that did leave the store twice.

He stated he had gone out to the front of the store several times to smoke outside and D with is on the register every time. He also stated that there were two ladies that were in the back of the store and he believes they were family of Walter Wells.

He said the out walls told them who they were but did not really remember them until Sgt. Domby told him that they were there that night.

He stated that D had received a call from Bobby, but did not actually see or hear the phone call he was just told to come along. And he also stated that he had never actually seen a gun in anybody’s hand that night.

He stated that he did see a bullet wound in the victims back, and there was something in D’s hand that he had slipped into his pocket but did not know what it was.

On the August 14, 2015 interview he stated he had lied in the previous interviews, and after the break he admitted being on the property, he and D arrived at pop and cork from the Carson property around 8 PM.

He was asked about the side lot of pop and cork in the walk-through that he had did in August 2015 and he had talked about some additional gates that were there at the time but had since been removed by his dad.

He also stated that he had lied about Robin Attenhoffers involvement due to his love for her and did want her to get in trouble. He also stated that he and Robin had gone out Highway 140 to dispose of the digits on the second transportation night.

He stated that these he did not have pedestrians in the back of the store through the gate in 2012 and in fact they had put some other security in as far as gates and such to keep what he referred to as a tweakers out. He also stated that the area where Bobby had backed into the back lot through the double gates all the way to the back fence. He stated Bobby kept an eye out while he was digging, but he had told investigators at one point that Bobby was helping him Dick. He was asked why he lied to his investigator and his attorney about who was digging and he says I don’t know I got no explanation.

We then went on the afternoon break

he was asked why he would lie about the toes and the fingers and what he had done with them like throwing them in the river, he stated he has no reason why he lied. He was asked if while he was digging if he had come across any Pipe underground or metal in the garden area he said he did not recall. He stated it took about 10 minutes to dig the hole then put the body inside of it on top of a tarp the tarp appeared to be around 10 x 15′.

When he had cut the digits off the hand he said he started with the left hand, index finger first. He also stated he never cut fingers or toes at any time prior to that and he stated it was traumatizing for him to do that.

He again stated he started with the index finger, but when he was reminded of prior testimony he did not recall saying that he started with the pinky finger of the left in.

He stated that D was wearing just a T-shirt and some probably some slacks and never saw him change any clothes. But at one point to his investigator and attorney he stated that the out walls at both change clothing, and then he stated again he did not know why he lied.

He stated his hands got extremely bloody and then he wiped them off with rags and then washed him with this picket outside. But improvement statements he was reminded that he is said he had not washed his hands. He stated that he through his clothes away in the trash when he got home.

He was asked about initially telling Sgt. Dom be the body was moved to the mountains on the same night of the homicide he stated no that’s not what he said. Again he was given a transcript to help them recall but again he could not.

Woody was asked about Domby telling him about cell phone evidence but he did not recall, read the transcript and still did not recall.

He stated he had told numerous stories about the fire he had started to burn the evidence in the back of the store. He had stated he had put the bloody rags and the socks in a burn barrel in the back, when he started a fire he felt that would draw too much attention with the smoke and put it out and through the socks and the tarp the both had blood all over them in the dumpster.

In October 2015 in an interview with Jacobson he was asked why he asked the investigator “you are not pleased?” And he stated he did not recall remember why he said that.

Woody said they decided to move the body because of law enforcement officers had been coming around the store asking questions, he stated that it happened at least two times. So they dug up the body which he stated had a bad smell, and Robin had showed up after the body was loaded in the truck.

When asked about how much dirt was removed from the gravesite, he stated total of less than maybe a 5-gallon bucket and spread it around on the tarp in the truck to keep it down.

He also admitted at one time he said Bobby has helped to the digging in the back of the store now he saying that Bobby did not help at all.

He stated he did not fill in the grave until after they got back from Mariposa County, and Robin then helped him fill it in.

He did not recall telling anyone about refilling the whole prior to that statement. He was asked if they had parked on asphalt he stated yeah maybe I don’t know, he said it was dirt grease asphalt maybe. He stated some of the dirt was poured on the ground off the side of the road and some of the dirt came out of the ground while traveling, and he stated he had told another lie about throwing dirt out while driving.

After he did return from Mariposa he had gotten two gas cans to burn the truck. There was a 1-3 gallon can in one 1 gallon 1 can. He also again stated he did not recall previous statements of starting the fire with the gas at the pop and cork after burning the truck to burn the rags and socks, and knife.

He stated he did put the socks next to the body at pop and cork and they went to the mountains with the body. They had rolled the body out of the tarp in the mountains the rags and the socks were put in the tarp and brought back to pop and cork.

When they came back to burn the truck lit a fire in a barrel and tried to burn the rags and the knife, but he ends up putting the bloody tarp in a dumpster with the bloody socks.

He stated he had previously tried to burn the socks that the only burn partially and again was concerned about the smoke and he put up the fire in the it only burned on the surface. He had never told the investigators about the socks not being totally burned.

He stated that he never saw a gun the entire night before or after the incident.

That’s where we reached the end of the day and we stopped the court will be continued Monday morning at 10 AM.

Tom’s report will be up a little later as he has a lot to write.


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