1. I and many others know you are a very good person. It’s all the stupid people who want to hurt you and drag you down to their bottom feeding slime on pond scum level that are not good at all.

    1. I try my best to “rise above it” but I am getting lonely standing alone.

  2. Rather be alone than have people in your life that are control freaks and think of only themselves. You have done a fantastic job on the Carson case and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Because of your blog so many people have been able to hear and read for themselves how corrupt our justice system is and what is going on. Keep up the good work and if you ever need anything just let me know.

    1. Who is the control freek
      Just wondering

  3. It is not being smarter than others that makes you a good person, it is your unmovable, steadfast courage when others are afraid, Marty. And the same goes for Tom.

  4. You do an outstanding job and are very honest and tell it like it is. If it wasn’t for you we would not know what is going on with the Carson case. I wait all day to read your blog and I really tune in to your podcast. Thank you and Tom for an outstanding job.

    1. What happened Marty? Are people getting more restless now the truth is coming out? They should direct their anger at the DA’s office now for sure. We can tell now that the DA’s office had it in for Carson from the start no matter who they had to drag along and put in jail for a year. Also, all the families whose lives will never be the same. It is that your fault? NO! I hope people in the DA’s office, and the Multi-Task force, come clean on this. One could even come forth as an anonymous source to the Bee so they can print the true motives of this case from the start. The Bee is obligated to print the truth. There has to be someone that will come forward with the truth, even if that person is a vetted anonymous. That is what good journalism is about, and way back when anonymous sources were used by journalist to get to the truth. It was an anonymous that brought a whole presidency- FBI Agent Felt aka “Deep Throat” whose name was never released till he died. Are there “A Few Good Men” willing to come forth? I doubt the Bee would even print such an article. The Bee needs to start now and do some investigative journalism. I keep telling people that the DA’s office is on the verge of collapse. “No, no”, they say. Well they’re going to be surprised when they pick up the Bee one day soon.

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