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COURT DAYS 136 IN CUSTODY DAYS 404 MORE TALES FROM THE CRYPT by Marty Carlson 9-22-2016 As you saw Tom Jensen did the morning report and I am reporting on the afternoon session. Courts promptly started at 1345 hrs. and continuing with the video of Robert Woody statement. Just asContinue Reading

ALL WE NEEDED WAS POPCORN FRANK CARSON CASE 9/22/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today, I once again am reporting on the morning session of the Frank Carson et al preliminary hearing that will never end. Once again, Judge Zuniga was late to court, and we were able to startContinue Reading

COURT DAY 135 CUSTODY DAY 403 WITNESS MANIPULATION DEAR MARLISA, YOUR RANTS ARE NOT WORKING FRANK CARSON CASE 09/21/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Once again, I attended the morning session of the never ending saga of the Frank Carson et al case. Once again, we do not start onContinue Reading

SEX LIES AND VIDEOTAPE (minus the sex) by Marty Carlson 9-21-2016 The morning session was covered by Tom Jensen and I did the afternoon session and started at 1345 hrs. real-time. Immediately resumed a video of Steve Jacobson and investigator Domby from the California Highway Patrol interviewing Robert Woody, theyContinue Reading

INNUNDATED WITH NEW DISCOVERY TURNED OVER BY PROSECUTION 11 MONTHS INTO PRELIMINARY HEARING FRANK CARSON CASE 09/20/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today, we once again started out late for the morning session. Judge Zuniga was approximately 25 minutes late arriving to the courthouse, and several of the defense attorneysContinue Reading

  Just some quick information on this morning’s court Tom is there, the judge was late, Beverly Woody has showed up again, and some new discovery was turned over that’ll be very interesting for everyone to hear once I confirm exactly what it is. Trust me you’ll want to knowContinue Reading

A Twin Falls, Idaho mother is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million after she claims that the tampon her daughter used has stolen her virginity. vs A mother of five, Fatima Ushban, and a recent immigrant from Bangladesh, believes that the Kotex company is responsible for breaking her daughter’sContinue Reading

Recently somebody sent me some information on a site called wrongful convictions blog See here It is a website similar to mine that talks about wrongful convictions and how people receive help through the innocence Project. If you look at the left side of the page you will see severalContinue Reading

Somebody recently commented on Dawgs Blog that maybe we should put up a list of all the suspects in the murder of Korey Kauffman. Just thinking out loud here is a list of the people involved in this case, that I guess could be considered suspects. The first eight IContinue Reading