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This person has tried in a very mean spirited way to discredit me and tell outright lies about me, saying things like I am part of a drug coalition out of Denver, Co. and have an interest in legalizing marijuana. There is nothing farther from the truth and in fact I am a very outspoken opponent of legalizing this drug.

She and one of her alter egos Lewis Davis were on an extreme verbal barrage around December of last year and were taking turns blocking and unblocking me to make ignorant attacks. Yes Linda and Lewis have the same address. Funny thing huh?

Recently I did an update on the person I have named the copsucker and her self-interview CLICK HERE.

Also notice the post I put up on May 19, 2015 where she is identified in a FBI report as the informant on all kinds of strange accusations…

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  1. It’s always the fat rejects who make it their mission to save the world. When in reality all they are is glorified tattle tales. People like this need a good old fashioned, take em out back ass whoopin. Instead of worrying about what the hell others are doing, why don’t you run your fat ass up a hill. She just likes cops because there’s donuts involved. She’s just looking for donut to suck the custard out of….

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