Been reading toms n marty reports every court day since november 2015. And this just fuckin sucks.THANK YOU TO THE DUMB ASSES WHO ATTACKED YOU, WITH PERSONAL VEGENGENCE, mother fucker(s) jus ruined it for the rest of us followers.



  2. Shit! I wasn’t able to listen to your podcast till last night and cannot believe what happened. I actually do not know what happened, but know someone fucked you over. I wish you could explain what happened, but understand there must be a real good reasons you cannot. Tom is not going to court anymore too? Is that right? So whatever happened affected both you and Tom? You guys did so much work that at this stage it is hard to believe someone would back-stab you. Now, I could see the DA’s office trying to censor you, but it was someone trusted. I have a few ideas, but won’t write them here. I really appreciate the work you produced and thank you. Even when I had a day off I was afraid to even show up at court because of the people involved. I give you credit for showing up every day. At this point, through your work, and Tom’s, I understand the twisted narrative and how vindictive the DA’s office is. The lies the DA’s office has spun to frame innocent people, ignoring the obvious truths and ruining entire families lives. That information that is out there now and cannot be put back into the bottle. I am quite sure as of right now, no one, not even Woody, was involved in this case. Thanks for the work you and Tom have done.

  3. Oh my goodness. Not sure what is going on here. You want honest? Here is honest. I do not like your language. I do not come from that world it is uncomfortable for me. I have been thankful every day for the reports, even if I’m in court l love reading them. But I depend on them when I’m not there. I have always felt that Tom and Marty have been totally honest and trustworthy. I appreciate the time you have spent in the courtroom and the reports many have come to depend on. I spend every day in prayer that the truth will come out and these people will be set free. I’m glad I have been spared from the drama whatever it is and will still continue to get there when I can. It is a farce of a case and have learned a lot about the justice system. I hope you two will change your mind and continue to report I for one appreciate you. It has been fun to meet all you and even tho this will come to an end (ha!) there will always be a connection.

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