DAWGS BLOG PODCAST TODAY (major announcement)

Dawgs blog podcast today 10:00am

People that just have cell phones or landlines can listen to the show by calling in at 646-787-8151 and if you have a comment or question we just hit #1 and it will queue you up and let me know that you want to say something.

Or you can click on this link here to listen live online: http://tobtr.com/s/8876995 but you will have to use your phone to dial in the make a comment or ask a question. You can also listen to past recorded shows. Listening on Blogtalkradio can be very difficult at times though.

I upload the show to my site once it gets processed and it is much easier to listen on my site than that screwed up Blogtalkradio.

Send me messages on Facebook or email at Dawgonnitdawgsblog@gmail.com with any subject matter or questions. Remember you can stay anonymous with your comments or questions.



  1. Please don’t get discouraged! What u guys are doing is so appreciated from many of us!! What if u just deactivate the comments from posts and while in court don’t associate yourselves with those people! They don’t matter,, the defendants are the ones that matter and they truly appreciate what u guys are doing, the opinions of the rest doesn’t really matter

  2. You have more friends than you know Marty! Fuck whoever screwed you over. I’ve had plenty screw me over, and I’m tougher because of it. You will be too, and you’re already tough! You and Tom are strong and we all pray you guys will continue your hard work. Sticks and stones Marty, don’t let people’s bullshit affect you!

    • You think so? Don’t be so smug yet lady.. And if it is goodbye… Lady you are going to have an angry mob of Dawg supporters mad at you… Ick…you only typed two words but I get greasy slimy sickly feel from them…. Very bad

    • Ramona- this is very disappointing coming from you. Ive always stood up for you when others have said hateful things. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, and you have always been kind to me. I don’t know what went on, but whatever you have done to make Tom and Marty not want to help anymore is a tragedy. We aren’t in Highschool and the petty shit needs to stop. The ONLY reason any one who is pro Carson should be going to court for is to SUPPORT them. We all need to support eachother as well.
      It isn’t easy for Marty and Tom to go day in day out and then get home and write what happened so the world can read the truth. I’m sure they have families who need them too. They truly are heroic and deserve respect from all of us. Dont be a trouble maker and add to an already horrific situation. This goes for everyone who supports the defendants. We need to embrace eachother, not rip eachother down. This is what the DA wants. If you’re such a BFF and supporter, then why sabotage anyone who is the #1 voice for the defendants?
      That being said, Marty and Tom you are very much loved and appreciated. I don’t know what was said or done, but surely no body is worth throwing away the past 11 months of hard work? You can’t just leave everybody hanging who have been loyal followers and friends. Not trying to guilt trip you lol, but we love you guys! Don’t let the actions of other people stop you from what you started out to accomplish. You will look back with regret and disappointment knowing that you allowed others to run you out. Stand your ground and say, FUCK YOU!
      Not comparing you to Jesus, but he didn’t back down and took every whip, lashing and beating they gave him. People said horrible things, and he didn’t let it affect him. He went through the worst treatment. Smile and know that you set out for a purpose and you’re not gonna stop until it’s over. There’s always a fucking JUDAS in the bunch….Let them hang themselves


  3. Ramona you have your nerve. You are a piece of shit. Maybe we should put your business out there. Just because you are so unhappy with your life don’t take it out on other people. Marty was asked to come and observe this case and because we cuss on here you think you can tell people what to do. Well I got news for you , you fucking can’t. Get your own fucking Blog and see how many people come to it. You are another Cop Sucker so go Fuck yourself and stay off this blog and away from Marty. Instead of giving your prescriptions away you need to take them. So BYE BYE TO YOU. Marty is not going anywhere so choke on that.

  4. Marty is my friend and I will back him 24/7 and say what I want and if no one likes it oh well. No one will shut me up from saying what I want.

  5. After listening to the podcast and reviewing some of the comments, I have a few thoughts that I would like to share. But I think it is fair to point out that I know some of the individuals on trial, as well as some of those that have spent time in the courtroom over the last eleven months.
    I fully appreciate the dedication that both Mr. Carlson and Mr. Jensen have displayed over the course of the preliminary hearing. Without their efforts, many of us that are unable to attend would not be as well informed regarding the testimony and the day to day proceedings. In fact, there have been times when the Modesto Bee failed in their coverage, and this blog filled in some pretty important gaps.
    As Mr. Carlson mentioned in his podcast he was reluctant to point out names in the drama that has transpired, yet one of his callers did just that. Additionally, some posters wrote strongly worded posts, again, naming an individual. As a matter of fact, one poster went as far as to falsely pose as the individual, and spout off an unfriendly farewell to Mr. Carlson which in turn produced more hateful remarks. My understanding is that Mr. Carlson had a falling out with her some weeks ago and blocked her from the ability to post within his forum. That being the case, the misleading post and the foul responses that followed should be removed by Mr. Carlson. It is poor form to allow false and misleading information to stand when this blog has been dedicated to sharing truth. And God knows that the case itself is filled with false testimony, misleading arguments, and unfounded charges…why add to it?
    It was pointed out that the issue surrounding the recent unpleasantness surrounds a confidential matter and I respect that Mr. Carlson cannot elaborate at this time. That he cannot elaborate is not an open invitation to speculate. Each and everyone associated with the trial is there with a belief that they are doing the right thing. The DA and staff are convinced of it, the defense attorneys are convinced of it, the spectators and witnesses for and against are convinced of it. It is no wonder that tensions have mounted in the world’s longest preliminary hearing! What saddens me, and rather shocks me, is that those that have united professing the innocence of the defendants are now at each other’s throats. Personalities will clash, not everyone is going to see eye to eye, but devolving into warring factions is pointless.
    I can only hope that Mr. Carlson and Mr. Jenson will reconsider their decision to cease reporting from the hearing. What they do is very important, not only for those involved in this case, but for residents around Stanislaus County who are concerned about how justice is dispensed on their dime.

    • Annette you are playing into your friends drama and instead of finding out what the truth is by talking to me you assume your friend is telling you the truth, And that is not one of her strong points.
      I have never blocked her from my site as she has claimed, I have no ability to do that. I have not blocked her from commenting on my site as there is no need because no comments have come through.
      This is part of the big problem here as people do not go to the source for information and listen to the drama of the self serving for their information.
      In addition there was an extreme breach in confidential information that not only put these defendants in jeopardy but my personal information was being spread about the parking lot like a grade school student looking at playboys.
      Information was compromised that put her dear friends at risk.
      You need to reconsider and filter what you are being told and actually gain facts and put information in front of drama.

      Marty Carlson

    • In addition If I remove their comments I should also remove yours as they are entitled to their feelings and opinions just the same as you are. It is no different.


    • The amount of self-righteousness from this comment alone annulled any substance applicable to its ends.

      “Alas ye all, listen to my voice. Everyone is the problem, but I. All hear, all hear; only I bestoweth the ten laws on two tablets.”

      Join us in the real world, once you decide to hop off the righteous horse.

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