I just want to share with everybody and excerpt from a comment made on my side by a friend of the drama queen who I will not mention her name. READ ENTIRE COMMENT HERE:

“As Mr. Carlson mentioned in his podcast he was reluctant to point out names in the drama that has transpired, yet one of his callers did just that. Additionally, some posters wrote strongly worded posts, again, naming an individual. As a matter of fact, one poster went as far as to falsely pose as the individual, and spout off an unfriendly farewell to Mr. Carlson which in turn produced more hateful remarks. My understanding is that Mr. Carlson had a falling out with her some weeks ago and blocked her from the ability to post within his forum. That being the case, the misleading post and the foul responses that followed should be removed by Mr. Carlson. It is poor form to allow false and misleading information to stand when this blog has been dedicated to sharing truth. And God knows that the case itself is filled with false testimony, misleading arguments, and unfounded charges…why add to it?”

Miss citizen Smith wrote that one poster went as far as to falsely pose as the individual and spout off an unfriendly farewell, how does Ms. Smith know this was a falsely posed comment? I have no way of knowing that how does she? does she have access to my site and can read the personal information on the comments?

She also stated that I had a falling out with drama queen some weeks ago, which is in no way shape or form true. I realize this person was a problem and a threat to these people in this hearing and I no longer wanted to deal with her self-serving issues and I cut off contact. There was no falling out there was no confrontation there was a cut off of contact on my part plain and simple and that’s it. Due to this your friend, (drama queen), chose to go on an attack on me and my character for whatever motives only known to her.

I do not have the ability to block anyone from coming to my site that has been claimed by the drama queen, nor has there been any comments come through from the drama queen. I know for a fact that she is extremely unknowledgeable when it comes to computers and Internet and I have no idea what she’s done, if anything, other than just use that is something to complain about me.

Citizen Smith seems to feel that her opinion is the only one that counts in only her comments should be allowed to remain on my site. So apparently she feels that only her opinion is important, and free speech is a right in this country still today and people are angry right now and have an ability to vent their frustration, if I was going to remove anyone’s comments it would be citizen Smith, but again I feel people have a right to say what’s on their mind.

I do not know where citizen Smith got her information from, since I have not talked to her and no one else has access to my website, she is only listening to the drama queen and no one else. She refers to false and misleading information that has been put on a site dedicated to the sharing the truth but did she dedicate herself to finding out what the truth was? Since I have had no contact with her other than this message is fair to say that she did not go on a quest for the truth herself otherwise she would’ve been asking me what had happened and getting my side of the story. So apparently her dedication to the truth isn’t as strong as she expects others to be. I do know who this person is and I would’ve been more than willing to discuss the situation with her if she was actually interested in hearing both sides of the story.

If citizen Smith is concerned about false testimony, misleading arguments, and unfounded charges, and why we are adding to it why didn’t she go in to this search for the truth herself instead of listening to one side?

I have had a lot of contact with a lot of people in the last 24 hours in regards to this occurrence and I have not shied away from any contacts nor ignored anybody.

Anyone is welcome to make comments on my site as we all know, as I believe everybody is entitled to their free speech. Miss citizen Smith what you complained about that is happening on my site is exactly what you did yourself in being uninformed and not going into a search for the truth. My only comment to you Sir/Ma’am is please practice what you preach and don’t blindly follow the ramblings of one dramatic person.


ps: I understand that miss drama Queen has been texting everyone she can in regards to this, Some in the middle of the night in the am hours. If anyone wants to share those texts I will be more than willing to post them if you send them to me…….


  1. Ms Drama Queen is seeking to cover up her own criminal conduct. Her refusal to admit her own ongoing misconduct jeopardizes all the Innocent defendants in the Carson case.

  2. It’s sad when a person’s success becomes a target for others. Those who don’t put any work, except to act like a high school kid in the court room. Your critics should ask themselves “What the hell have I done to help Frank and others?”

  3. Citizen Smith I speak the truth and find no need to ever try and cover up wrong and hurtful things that any friend of mine would do to someone who has given up his life to report what is happening in the Carson case. Marty was asked to observe this case and fatefully has done so. Because your friend Ramona who claims to be a faithful friend to Mrs. Carson would stoop so low as to hurt someone the way she did is wrong. Because she cannot control the Dawg Blog as you are now trying to do. Everyone has their own opinions and are entitled to them whether you or anyone else agrees with them. Yes I put her name out there I have nothing to hide. If you have a problem with it oh well. People should grow up and stop doing and saying things and running around trying to bad mouth people to everyone for their own satisfaction.

    I have known Frank Carson for many, many years and I know he would not like this at all. He stands for the truth and he is being railroaded in this case and his life destroyed by the corrupt vindictive DA and Investigators. This blog has helped the case by getting so many people to see how corrupt our system is and what they do to innocent people.

    It’s funny how only 2 people say the comment made by Ramona was not her. I for one do not believe this at all. It was her in my opinion and I am sticking to it. She was caught and that’s all there is to it. So suck it up.


  4. About a month ago I posted a comment to Marty thanking him and letting him know that all the work he has put into this case was very much appreciated and that some people have big mouths and don’t know when to shut up. Well low and behold Ms. Ramona started calling people for my phone number. People being called and texted in the middle of the nite. Well to date I have yet to hear from her. Guilty for something else it appears. I don’t care who you are I will say what I feel, I will not lie for anyone and retract anything I have said unless proven to be wrong. I will admit my mistakes, but don’t ask me to lie it won’t happen. I believe in the saying “If you tell the truth your answers will always be the same.”

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