1. That’s not a joke? That guy was really at your house? What are in his hands? What type of vehicle?

    1. That is my front door, Steve Jacobson is on the steps right behind him and Jon Evers is in his car off camera to the right. That is his car in the background…….

    1. Yes it was bunch Jacobson and evers it took three of them to come over and ask me one question.

  2. “Have you found Jesus Dawg?” Perhaps it’s a pamphlet for his Mormon church….

  3. Three peas in a pot they have to do everything together.

  4. So, did you open the door and can you share the question he asked? No doubt their all pissed off since you guys have exposed them for who they really are!!

    1. I was not at home at the time and he left a card, which I did call back later. I will share the information in a post later.

  5. Boy, you sure like using that ol’ suspense factor, eh Marty? Heheh. Keep ’em hangin’. Pretty smaaaawwwhhhttt!

      1. This is driving me crazy. What is it?

      2. Was he going door to door looking for his missing chromosome? He does look like he has a touch of downs. Or was it an official invite to his circle jerk with Evers and Jacobson? Inquiring minds want to know…

      3. I just went back to brownish red from blond but boy am I having a blond episode here. Have maybe a slight guess. So did you state what your visitors were visiting for? I can’t seem to find it.

        1. I was told by K.B. that someone had left a voice mail on his office phone and it was me. Of course it was not but he brought out 2 of his buddies to help him ask one question. The voice mail said something about confidential information has been taken out of Carsons law office

          1. Okay, I caught up after being gone a couple days…
            Gee, maybe I should have listened to Wednesday’s podcast before volunteering up my services, eh? Being totally truthful, I was attempting to bribe ya back as I didn’t know the Beasty Boys, or shall I call them the 3 Stan co Stooges, or is it Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest had already ignited that ire or um fire to get you back! Plus I noticed a huge typo I hadn’t edited above. So that maybe is a sign that my editing skills are a bit rusty and we should go with the latter part of my volunteer comment. 😜 If Tom missed what I said perhaps you can fill him in Marty cuz the offer includes him, too, ‘Cept I forgot to mention that in addition to the “no happy ending,” I don’t do Foo Foo massage either. I am a thick caucasian female with mean elbows and thumbs that excel in kneading out knots in muscles including those that are extremely tense and strained from sitting in a courtroom wading thru the piles. Stress causes tension in the muscles and continuous stress can suppress the immune system and adrenal glands. Lack of sleep is also one of the top contributors to adrenal gland dysfunction. I am quite sure EVERYONE involved with this case, especially those behind bars have had their bodies continuously flooding with cortisol. Seriously, though I can and will do my best to help either way I initially stated.

            I don’t have NEAR the cajones Tom and you have, along with a few others. I haven’t doubted what others have said about these 3 stooges–such as HAND CUFFING 13 & 14 year old girls and hauling them down to their office for questioning them without their parents permission or presence, pointing a gun in an 8 year old child’s face, and now this?!?!?!!! It makes me absolutely SICK to my stomach! They have NO HONOR, NO integrity, no honesty. Those who represent the PEOPLE are not representing the people NOR upholding the very OATH they have sworn and signed (said signed oaths that are required to be on file).

            Honor, honesty, integrity, sincerity refer to the highest moral principles and the absence of DECEIT or FRAUD.

            Integrity indicates a soundness of moral principle that no power or influence can impair.

            Sincerity implies absence of dissimulation or deceit, and a strong adherence to truth.

            There hasn’t been one shred of the above qualities that we should he able to expect the Stanislaus County DA’s office with this case. We shall all see whether her Honor possesses any of them. But I know without doubt that many stand beside me in saying that both Tom, Marty, and Warren fill the whole package quoted above concerning honor, integrity, sincerity and honesty.

            Apparently, Mrs. Woody forgot what she said when she was interviewed back in 2014, when she was talking about her son’s innocence, which also included her statement that they were trying to get her son to lie about the “Atwahls and that attorney.” Honestly, after the way she was treated along with her family when they handcuffed her granddaughters and hauled them away, I don’t know how she would ever trust one word out of their mouths! Not only that but to turn around and swear to tell the truth, then suddenly change her whole story which is a complete contradiction of what she said on video to Mr. Kamaul in 2014.

            Sorry for the lengthy comment, I was out of town a couple days this past week so it got built up. Will have to he in touch wth you guys about helping where I am able. Perhaps a few other listeners can lend a helping hand…then perhaps you guys won’t get so burned out. I thank you both so much for returning to this overwhelmingly daunting effort!!

  6. Watch your back. They found a bulls eye and now they will take you just like everyone else. Remember, don’t say anything without a witness, preferably an attorney. You know what these people do. Nothing honest. Nothing fair.

    Please protect yourself.

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