1. I have wanted all along to offer my assistance, although going to court isn’t possible because I live in Delhi and can’t afford the gas $$$. However, I type 70-80 wpm and still take Gregg shorthand OR I can transcribe recordings pretty fast, too. Both you and Tom are pretty burned out, which happens to anyone who is putting their heart and soul into something. I am sorry I haven’t offered my assistance sooner. Either of you could call and dictate to me to type. I can take 120 wpm gregg shorthand (a lost art 😌) or I can transcribe straight to my phone or computer to send back to you if that helps at all. I could also volunteer my massage skills, and I specialize in therapeutic pain relief for acute or chronic injuries. I am not certified at the state level and have not been operating my business so I dont presently have a business license, just so you know. But as far as I know I am still able to volunteer with no exchange of money, you know. So please don’t hesitate to ask. I have my own massage table and have access to a massage chair…just would need to have somewhere to set up.

  2. Sounds like Dawg should think about this. A good massage never hurt anyone. Could relieve some of that stress.

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