Things just got crazy, so much soap opera going on. I haven’t been to the gym on a regular basis for almost a year. My life at home has been consumed by this never ending preliminary hearing. I had to take some time off, to think about some really important things.

I have put much thought into how I can achieve a balance between my personal life and resuming my blogging. I have decided to work myself into this thing on a part time basis. If things are real interesting, and significant, I will probably do entire days. After doing a day or two of this, I will need to take a day off. When things get like watching paint dry, I will do half days.

The story needs to get out, and I simply can’t get the feel of what actually is happening without actually being there. I feel we may be on the cusp of some wonderful things, but I have been feeling that way for many months, and this thing still has a life of its own

When I come back, I want to avoid the drama, and concentrate on doing my observations and notes, and writing my reports. I will not be spending four hours a week doing Pod Casts. I will call in on times, but I need to spend some more time being a husband. I hope everyone can understand. I know many of you do understand. We are in a marathon, and I fully intend to stagger over the finish line when it finally reaches an end.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)