1. Can someone name them from top to bottom as I have only read about these guys in blogs.

    Any information on the trial? They have succeed in blacking out the information from the court. I do not know exactly what happened last week. Who stabbed Dawg in the back? I assume it cannot be printed. Can someone just print Jane Doe did this or that?

    • Top: Steve “the juice” Jacobsen
      Middle: John “Baby Huey” Evers
      Bottom: Kirk “Bunchoshit” Bunch

      Woody admitted on the stand Wednesday that he lied about all the information he has provided about all defendants.

      • Wait a minute. So if he lied about everything, then that means he is lying about lying about everything. So Marlissa can argue that means he told the truth and the defendants are guilty. I can visualize Marlissa dancing and singing her theme song: “Can’t touch this!”

          • Hmm, let me think. So Woody’s admission that he lied about everything makes his testimony probably improbable. But because he was lying about lying, his probably improbable testimony is improbably probably improbable. So, Woody’s probably improbable testimony is improbably probably improbable. Thus Marlissa can say putting it all together, that makes Woody’s testimony probably probable. Yay!

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