1. Jacobson came equipt with gun and all. Ready for you Marty in case you had guns in your house. He is such a jerk. Just a bunch of idiots acting and looking stupid.

  2. Oh my lord, this is just pathetic. They have nothing else to do but harass a blogger.

    This is why I hate government. This is why I drink.

  3. The only one that I consider a police officer is Evers, and he’s a shitty one at that. Bunch and Jacobsen are nothing more than over paid nosey asses. My teenage son could do their job. Working as DA tattle tales does not make you a cop. I bet their badges have chocolate in the middle. I would be interested to know why Evers was even there if it was DA business? Especially since he’s a part of the trial. Bunch obviously had Jacobsen as back up, so why bring a detective and not just a regular MPD cop? Probably because if shit hit the fan, Evers would lie for them. Shady mother fuckers…

    Marty, is it true that Bunch shot someone in the back? I heard this and I was wondering if it was true. If so, then he’s officially the biggest POS in Stanislaus county, and possibly the world.

    • My understanding he has been involved in a couple of shootings, and one the suspect was shot in the back. But that is what I have heard and do not know as a fact.
      I was told by Bunch that Evers was coming to assist and Jacobsen was in the area and stopped by. I mentioned to him there was three DA investigators there and he was very adamant that Evers was Modesto PD.
      So I guess this Modesto PD detective came to Hughson to assist the DA investigators ask about a voice mail left at the DA’s investigators office.

      Now my question is how many people have they scared away from commenting and/or participating on the blog? If they have people are letting them get away with it. when is it going to be enough and people start putting a stop to this?

      • Ok, I figured that it was true. He looks like a little bitch that would shoot someone in the back. I’m still curious on how he got hired as an investigator for the DA? Supposedly he is a nut job, and I most def believe he’s not playing with a full deck.

  4. Looks like they didn’t know you had cameras they probably won’t be making that mistake again.
    All this does is prove you right for all to see and make them look even worse.

  5. Wow that was very interesting to see! I remember when these same cops when I was in trouble. Just wanna say I love your posts and your work thank you thank you!

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