by Marty Carlson


Continuation of Court day 143 and in custody 423 days.

The afternoon session started about 1339 hrs. and continued with John Evers continuing his long narrative with Robert Woody, mostly about doing the right thing.

Kurt Bunch was telling Robert Woody if he was honest with him he would like to be able to tell his boss that he was cooperative and could then help him out. He also told him that his boss was trying to make it better for you. Kirk Bunch also was telling him that he is going to be very happy someday if he tells the truth now and clears his conscience and he wants to make things right.

Kirk Bunch was telling Woody that they have ways to protect people and information so nobody knows that he’s talking. In addition, he was telling him how much he cares for him, his mom and dad because they were all very decent people. Robert Woody started mumbling a bit and talking real low about staying away from the property and then made a comment something to the effect that Daljit had sent somebody by the name of Mike to beat Korey up. Something was also mentioned about someone having paid to have it done.

Kirk Bunch again started talking saying that he was aware that he has trouble even putting a worm on a hook when fishing, because he doesn’t like to hurt anything. Kirk Bunch went on to say that if he knew what they knew it would blow his mind especially since they had all the wiretaps on all the phones.

Investigator Bunch tells Woody he believed he did not know that the victim was about to be murdered, and all the other defendants in this case tried to obstruct the case repeatedly. Investigator Bunch engaged in another long narrative about Korey’s family needing closure. And at that time both investigators, Kirk Bunch and John Evers repeatedly asked over and over “who did it?” “you know who did it.”

The investigator started talking about the CHP officers that were involved in obstruction and that one had already lost his job. Kirk Bunch told Woody he knows how badly he has been threatened and treated by law enforcement in the past, especially these officers, and both Bunch and Evers told him that they are good guys and they are here to help him.

Both officers left the interview room and left Woody alone for about 25 minutes, at about the 21-minute mark he started talking to himself in very low tone and was pretty indistinguishable. Bunch and Evers came back in saying they had talked to his family and they are scared for him. Bunch said that he wants the truth and he wants Woody to trust him. Investigator Bunch in a real proud moment, stated that he has never had a witness or a person who told the truth ever be hurt in the 28 years he’s been on the job.

The investigator continued telling Woody he should be worrying about himself and not the others in that were involved, he only needs to think about himself. He started talking about his family again and what good people they are, and telling him how many of his family members have come around trying to help him.

They talked about Daljit pointing a gun at Woody at one point and Woody stated he also pointed Taser at me too. Investigators said they found the steroids at the store and they have covered Robert Woody on that so he will not get in trouble for that. They start another long narrative about what they know about this case and telling him information.

There were talking about the search warrant on the Carson property and how they must have good reasons to do so and even more reason to be able get wiretaps. They stated they must have a lot of probable cause to do warrants and in fact he believed they had beyond reasonable doubt at this point.

They told him that Bobby and Daljit were there when it happened, they he asked if the store was still open when they went to the Carson property. The investigators also told Woody about the conversations that Frank Carson had with his family about placing sensors out in the yards.

Woody stated that he had heard on the streets that three people went over the fence and only two had come back. The investigators said that no one knew about the three going over the fence, but they didn’t realize he just said he heard it on the street so the other two had to know.

Both investigators were in the room at the time and started playing good cop bad cop with Robert Woody. Kirk Bunch went on a long narrative and kept telling him to “trust me.” John Evers jumped in with a hard-nosed attitude and was very aggressive stating that he had confessed to his family of a murder, and with a loud voice said that he is facing a capital murder case charge. At the same time Kirk Bunch was talking softly like a friend trying to help him out, and talked about the threat to Cooley by Carson in front of Cooley’s house.

Woody stated he had lied to his mom about involvement and they told him he they did not believe him. Now both officers are now browbeating Robert Woody really bad, and talked about him being pressured by others to do some of the things he has done. Both officers at this point were very aggressive and told him what statements the family had made, so either he is lying or they are lying. They also were telling him about people who have not told the truth and fought the charges and been convicted in sitting in prison.

At that point we went on a 15-minute break that turned into about 20 minutes. When we returned the judge had noticed some transcript errors in clearing up some of the language that was transcribed improperly.

Then they began playing the video again.

Kirk Bunch was talking in a loud and boisterous tone again, saying the evidence in the family statements and and what would happen to Woody if he doesn’t come clean. The investigators decided at that time they needed a break and left the room.

Robert Woody was obviously shook-up a bit and he began talking to himself saying he did not do a Fucking thing and that people are lying to and about him. He was looking up at the ceiling and had yelled several times that people are Fucking lying to him.

After a couple minutes Steve Jacobson came into the room stated that he had heard him yelling and just want to check on him. It is very obvious that Jacobson at this time was trying to play nice and be a friend after the browbeating that Robert Woody had just taken. He asked Woody if he had made-up what he told two detectives up or was it the truth?

Jacobson asked gentle questions about the victim stealing and some general questions about Mike Cooley. Jake from State Farm told Woody that he is a victim in this and was just brought along for the ride by other people. He continued to say that they need to take these guys off the street to make the community safer. Woody then made a one-word comment of “Scott,” and when he was asked about it he said he is a shady mother fucker. He also stated that the same day of the appointment with the lawyer is the same day they went by Cooley’s house.

Jacobson told Woody he was baited into the situation and was led astray by the entire thing. He was asking about his steroid use and Woody admitted to using them. He was asked if Bobby and Daljit used any roids and Woody stated he was not aware of their steroid use. He did say that Bobby was a hothead. Jacobson asked him if the appointment with the lawyer, or if it was the lawyer who jacked Bobby up, but Woody never really responded but just said there was some other guys at Cooley’s house when they got there, but Cooley was not. Woody repeated what he had been repeating all along and said Frank Carson never said make an example of any of these guys, or hurt them. Woody also talked of knowing of Cooley’s reputation as being violent and that he beats women.

Jacobson spoke about the abuse that Woody received at the hands of the Atwals with guns and Tasers, and Jake. They also went on to say they would really like to give him a beat down. Woody did say that someone at a recycler that they had stopped at, in an effort to find Cooley, made a phone call and located him and that they would meet Cooley back at his house. At this point it appeared that Woody was becoming very talkative with this investigator.

Kirk Bunch had then reentered the room and Jake from State Farm briefed Bunch on what he had been told about Cooley and the call that was made to get him to the house. He was also advised about what happened at the lawyer’s office, and for some reason Robert Woody started laughing at Kirk Bunch and he got extremely chastised by investigator Bunch, but Jake continued to talk to Woody very calmly.

Then they spent a lot of time of talking about Frank Carson, any visits, and his friendship with the Atwals. They also discussed the phone call to Daljit by Bobby that led them to the Frank Carson property. There was a lot of repetitive conversation and repeating the story continuously to Robert Woody.

Kirk Bunch began talking about Woody’s ex saying she wants him to do what is best for his kids. Kirk Bunch also started calling Woody a liar, if he continued to make the statements that he had made. By this time there were three officers in the room with Woody, Jacobson, Evers, and Bunch, and they all took turns hammering him very hard at that point. In fact, Woody started to sob a little bit with his head down on the table. It appears he started to break down.

Woody blurted out that Scott had told him not to talk to police. Kirk Bunch repeated to Woody that he is on his side and he is only trying to help him. By this time, it was at the end of the day the judge put the court in recess.

Court to be continued tomorrow at 9:30 AM


    1. thank you appreciate it and I do have somebody proofreading my reports now that’ll make everybody happy

  1. Sooo goood to have reports back. Thanks

    Do you know if defendants have privilege of requesting attorney general to see into their cases of they feel there has been major misconduct by DA? Being a defense attorney, im sure Carson knows a few things im quite suprised he has remained silent and patient thruogh this whole ordeal.

    1. being in custody probably has a major impact on that, and the be a lot more he can do once he’s out. And boy I sure hope he does

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