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Here is a noontime report :


Noon Time Report 10/11/2016


The big dick is back, that’s me! This is court day 143, and in custody day 423. Court was supposed to start at 9:30, but actually started at 10:13 a.m. The judge was there at 9:45, which is better than her usual. Minor business taken care of at the beginning of the hearing. The District Attorney turned over some videos on disk of the transports and reports on the videos. There was information on some reports by a Dr. Galloway. I think he is a part of pathology/anthropology, which I believe to have something to do with the body and length of death, (if I remember correctly).

There is information from the California Department of Corrections rehabilitation report with information on all of the defendants, and whoever else was involved. There was apparently 130 items total taken as evidence.


               The Judge asked Madame D.A. to give the bate stamps, (as she has been doing recently, the last few months), on all this information she has turned over. The D.A. did give bate stamps for some, but not everything. She will provide everything at a later time.  Should I laugh now or hold my breath?


               Robert Woody came out and got on the stand. Martha Magana wants to play a 7 hour video of a March 1, 2014 interview. This was right after Woody’s arrest. There were some long arguments by several attorneys on the validity and reason for the video. It is going to be time consuming and take about 3 days to listen to all this audio. Apparently there was supposed to be some conversation with Martha Magana and Marlissa Ferreira last weekend to discuss and agree on playing what was appropriate, and what was fit/not fit. This apparently did not happen as Madame Ferreira had a “long weekend”. She had to shave her back. Ok, not true but funny nonetheless.


               Martha Magana argues that Woody’s statements are small and different in every version. She apologized to the court for using the courts time, but there’s a need to play this to show the conduct of the officers. This is a 7 hour video that’s going to be played. I understand what she’s probably trying to do here, and I’m sure its necessary, even though it is a major use of court time. Especially since there isn’t a lot of court time everyday.


               Tim Rein then asked for a waiver for him to be there, since there won’t be any discussion of his client Walter Wells in the video. The court discussed and agreed, the waiver was taken. If there’s any problems during that time, another attorney will step in and handle it.  Robert Forkner also took a waiver for his client, Christina De Fillipo for the same reasons.  Jesse Garcia started discussing some other minor issues in business to deal with. I did not 100% understand what he was talking about. Hopefully they did, but no guarantees.


               During all of this discussion, Robert Woody was brought out and taken back about 4 or 5 times. Finally at about 10:45 he was brought back on the stand. Martha Magana asked if the screen shot of the video being shown was him? In the video he is sitting with Jacobson. The court attempted to play the disk, but for some reason it would not play correctly. It kept going to the second disk. Whoever copied the disk must have done it incorrectly.


               There was a short 10 minute break. Robert Forkner needed to get some transcripts from his office. Of course the 10 minute break lasted 20 minutes.  The video was then started and showed Jake from State Farm talking to Woody. He was asking him if anyone in law enforcement was giving him a hard time, and if so then they would be “taken down”. He mentioned if anyone was intimidating, or abusing their power then they would be held accountable. I’m just curious if their going to hold themselves accountable for the harassment I had to endure? Coming to my house, banging on neighbor’s doors to ask about a voice mail that is not a crime. That’s a personal issue though.


               Jake from State Farm told Woody he is not going to County Jail, because he knows he will be in danger from the people involved in this case. Jake wanted him to ensure he will be kept safe.  As we all know, he ended up in Tuolumne County. Jake from State Farm said that some of his surveillance from the Woody house and things in the area, made the hair on his neck stand up. (I’m sure Bunch’s breath would have the same affect). From the way Woody was treated, apparently some people think they are untouchable.  Well he would know. Juice Jacobson goes on and on about how these people are “done”, and he wants Woody’s side of the story. Any harassment towards his family will be dealt with.  Ironically the investigator’s have been doing the same thing.  He was telling Woody how he will feed everybody in the “clan”, as he put it.


               At that point Jacobson was asking Woody if he was hungry. Kirk Bunch comes into the room, and (pulls down his… jk) Jake asks Bunch if he’s hungry. We all know Baby Huey has the buffet in his passenger seat, and is ready to feed everybody. Kirk Bunch then started talking about some preliminary information, just trying to get his name and phone number. He started asking Woody about his whereabouts the past few days.  Woody had been motel hopping the past few days, maybe a week. Kirk asked Woody about past arrests in 2011. He mentioned stolen property, and Frank Carson represented him in that case. He was asked about Daljit Athwal taking him to his appointment with an attorney. Bunch started showing Woody pictures of Carson to identify him. There was another picture shown and Woody did not recognize him. Kirk then told him it was Korey Kauffaman. Interestingly, he did not know who Korey was, but “allegedly” was there during his murder. I hate when I forget about murders I was involved in, don’t you? Inserts another eye roll.  He then started talking about Beverly Woody’s statements about him being involved in this case. Robert Woody denied being there when Korey Kauffman was killed.


Bunch asked if someone “got” to him, that “someone” being the Athwals or Frank Carson.  Bunch was curious if anyone was trying to get him to sway his testimony.  Bunch believes Woody and family have concern for his safety, saying Robert Woody is a liability to Frank Carson and the Athwals. He also believes they will no doubt throw Woody under the bus. Something amazing happened about this time during the interview. I found out Jon Evers can talk. He threw out a couple of pictures, they were of the Athwal brothers. There were actually coherent words coming out of his mouth, (free of chicken and ding dongs). Amazing. No more than a dozen words or so, and surprisingly no Miranda rights. No mention of back handing anyone either….Perhaps he was saving that for his wife. Boom.


Kirk Bunch talked about Robert Woody’s nephew, he was showing a lot of concern for his safety (insert eye roll here). From the sound of all of this, it seems like the Woody family was doing an awful lot of talking to these investigators. Kirk Bunch then went on to tell Woody that Baljit was a “hot head”. This coming from someone who shot another man in the back, go figure. He also told Woody that Beverly had already told him what happened. Kirk Bunch then goes into a long narrative speech about how strong of a case they have with all their evidence. He tells Woody that he knows he will do the right thing.


I thought the terminology Bunch was using was interesting. I was under the assumption that Woody didn’t know a lot, if any of it.  He was even throwing a few legal terms in there.  Robert Woody seems like a simple guy. I don’t think he’s ignorant, just simple. Spam and rice simple. I really didn’t think he had much of a clue what was said to him.  Bunch kept reassuring that they had a lot of evidence against Carson and the Athwals. He once again told Woody that they would blame him for the crime.


Woody again said he was not there when Korey was killed. Kirk Bunch looked like he was getting a little frustrated at this point. It was still early in the investigation and he was already showing aggravation. Jon Evers showed Kirk Bunch something, (most likely the menu from the lunch buffet), then they both left the room. They left Woody alone in the room for about 7-8 minutes. Upon returning, Jon Evers was going on about how much they know, and how intelligent they are (this is a matter of opinion). This all happened, then it was finally noon and time for lunch. Most likely after lunch we will continue watching the video. This will go on all day tomorrow, and probably the day after. Martha Magana will then ask her questions. Check back soon for the latest on the afternoon session!






  1. Welcome back Marty. At this point all I have to say is ”And The Beat Goes On.” How many more tapes do they have?

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