By Warren Yates

10-10-16 – Since its football season, I’m will take a few minutes to show some instant replays of the events in the Carson 8 preliminary hearing that has dragged on for over a year. I am going to take excerpts from some of my commentaries and those of you that have been following them faithfully will remember them. However, for those who have just recently been introduced to the commentaries that three of us are making, this will be something new for you. So I hope you enjoy.

Prior to that I wish to report on a new bill that has gone to the desk of Mr. Liberal Moonbeam in Sacramento. So here it is: Under the law, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Patty Lopez (D-San Fernando) and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday, a prosecutor can receive up to three years in prison for altering or intentionally withholding evidence that defendants might use to exonerate themselves. Previously, those acts were considered misdemeanors.

He actually signed it and I am pleasantly surprised as his attorney general kamala Harris, refused to prosecute a Merced County deputy sheriff who filed a felony false police report which directly impacted the defendant. I have video proof and the false police document that the dirt bag deputy is guilty of. I sent the whole package to do nothing kamala Harris and it was sent back to me two days later telling me to go back to the county in which the violation occurred.

I had also told this worthless attorney general that that’s where I started and they refused to do anything about it and would never return my calls. The case I’m talking about involves a publisher by the name of Gene Forte who is the only person in history that has ever represented himself in a federal court and obtained a unanimous jury verdict against the crooked former mayor of Los Banos Tommy Jones.

The jury not only delivered a unanimous verdict for Gene Forte but he was also awarded punitive damages. And living up to his reputation, former Mayor Tommy Jones has just been arrested for bribery. The whole story can be found at badgerflats.com . After I discovered the dirty deputy sheriff mentioned above, I was fired by Mr. Forte’s public defender obviously fearing that I would expose more illegal tactics by members of the Merced County Sheriff’s office.

The only problem with the new law that makes it a felony for prosecutors to withhold or manufacture false evidence is that it is not retroactive to the beginning of the Carson 8 preliminary hearing or several members of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office would already be behind bars and the Carson 8 would be free. The District Attorney’s Office has found numerous dregs of society who are blatant criminals, arrested them and then dismissed or deferred prosecution on the criminal witnesses as long as they said what they were told to say.

The Dist. Atty. has continually failed to provide discovery to the defense for the whole year and only provides it when it is discovered by the defense that the District Attorney’s Office was withholding the discovery. This discovery is exculpatory in nature and failure to provide it is a violation of Brady vs Maryland but at this point they are getting away with it with relative impunity.

The Dist. Atty. has said in court that there were no deals made for their dregs of society criminal witnesses but she has been shown to be a BALD FACED LIAR when a public defender for two of those dregs of society testified in open court that both of his defendants had in fact been given deals for their testimony. So the DA lies away and there are no sanctions placed upon her.

There are also civilian witnesses including law enforcement who have testified one way and then when the recordings of the interviews are played, their testimony in court was tailored to avoid the truth and make the defendants look bad. Again no sanctions against anybody in the District Attorney’s Office. When one of the lead Dist. Atty. investigators, Captain Crunch Bunch was caught in a lie on the witness stand, he was not admonished by the judge for committing perjury but rather allowed to say that it wasn’t really a lie but that “I was just incorrect”.

So there it is fellow citizens, if you lie in court under oath it is perjury a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement or any of their witnesses and you commit perjury on the stand, it’s not perjury they were just “INCORRECT”. It sounds kind of familiar in today’s political theater where there is a candidate who would rather lie and deceive than to tell the truth. Hopefully that political liar would be able to share a jail cell with some of the liars currently in Department 26 at the Carson 8 preliminary hearing. WELL I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?????

Okay here comes some excerpts. These are randomly selected from different dates some older than others but here they are:

09-10-16 – As Detective Evers and Special Agent Bunch began to talk to Baljit, Baljit took out his telephone and began to record the interview. When Special Agent Bunch and Evers saw that, Special Agent Bunch said “You know that’s illegal to do that?”. Being confronted by two law enforcement officer’s one being very large in stature and knowing if they had a badge they had guns, Baljit became intimidated by their authoritarian bearing. Baljit immediately turned his phone off and stopped recording not knowing what to expect from these two if he did not stop”.

This is another example of the jackbooted behavior that Captain Crunch Bunch and his minions employ to try to intimidate, threaten, harass, badger and bully citizens. All of you reading this commentary need to take heed. This very type of egregious misconduct could happen to you because there is apparently no “off” switch to throw on the storm troopers. Their supervisors certainly don’t make any attempt to stop these violations of civil rights and in fact probably condone their behavior.

One of the civilian witnesses who as far as we know doesn’t have a criminal record, doesn’t mind bragging about how important he is. He is, glorified cell phone salesman Jim Cook. He was caught in several lies on the stand. But that doesn’t bother him because he and his not too bright son Chris, has clipped the taxpayers of Stanislaus County well in excess of $250,000. So old Jimmy was laughing all the way to the bank.

Speaking of crooks, this is so much fun let’s keep going. I see where Patrick McGrath and Kirk Bunch, now Special Agent Kirk Crunch Bunch were classmates in high school. Isn’t that sweet. Patrick McGrath stayed here in the area and through several business dealings or under dealings, he managed to file bankruptcy in the amount of $3.2 million. Kirk Bunch wandered off from the land of Oz to the big city of Pittsburg, California. I’m sure he was doing well there on the police department but one has to wonder why did he leave? There are rumors flying around why and that the reason followed him here. But that’s only conjecture. Or is it? The Shadow knows.

So then here he comes back to Modesto and Capt. Kirk slides right into a position as a Dist. Atty. investigator. Then, the nefarious duo of Patrick McGrath Special and Agent Kirk bunch tried to take down Carmen Sabatino. Well through all of their hooks and crooks, shenanigans and lying, much to their chagrin and others of those politically connected, the jury hung and Carmen Sabatino walked. I heard they have an extra order of crying towels brought into the DAs office the day Carmen got the hung jury. One jury member told the Bee that there was not enough evidence to convict him. No doubt they smelled several rats on the prosecution team during deliberations. KAPOW!!

A jury Wednesday acquitted Modesto bail bondsman Aleo John Pontillo of all criminal charges against him after a five-month trial and an investigation that went on for several years. Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Harris told the jury that the case was about Pontillo’s greed and abuse of power.

As we are finding out, the greed and abuse of power belong not to AJ Pontillo, but the Dist. Atty. Brigit Fladager and her many minions afraid of her in the DAs office. On December 10, 2014 the District Attorney’s Office was handed a knockout punch. KAPOW! The county spent three years trying to convict AJ Pontillo. How many millions did they spend on that fiasco? They don’t care and sure don’t want to say. They just keep dipping into the taxpayers’ pockets to finance their abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct. It’s sickening folks.

Frank Carson was the attorney who beat the snot out of the Dist. Atty. in both of those cases. Oh wait, I forgot. There was another abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Frank Drummond. Well guess what? Their abuse of power was thwarted again and shoved back down their throat.
NOT GUILTY! Oh I forgot to mention, Frank Carson was the attorney in that case.

And now we have Frank Carson sitting in jail for over a year as payback by the Dist. Atty. for making her look like Algonquin J. Calhoun, Esq. in a skirt, Bunch as “Lightening” and Evers as “Kingfish”. Some of you younger readers may not remember the older barrister Calhoun. He was featured on television quite often with the others. No it’s not Matlock. It’s not Ironsides. Okay break out your Google searches. Egregious prosecutorial misconduct because of a vendetta. The district attorney should be ashamed of herself for allowing behavior of this type from her subordinates. Thank you Dist. Atty. Fladager for creating Orwell’s “1984”here in Modesto.

07-22-16, In a series of searing questions, the three judges expressed frustration and anger that California state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. By law, federal judges are supposed to defer to the decisions of state court judges.

Prosecutors “got caught this time but they are going to keep doing it because they have state judges who are willing to look the other way,” Federal Judge Kozinski said.

Kozinski demanded to know why the informant and the testifying prosecutor were not charged with perjury. He suggested the state bar should pull the law license of the prosecutor who presented the evidence.

Here we have a federal judge who is angry because state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. Judge Kozinski said that the prosecutors got caught this time but would continue because state judges would look the other way rather than hold the vicious and unscrupulous prosecuting attorneys accountable. Vicious? You better believe it.

In the above Baca case, he has been in custody since 1995 because of lying witnesses and a lying prosecutor. If you don’t call that vicious, you are as stinking and rotten as the lying witnesses and lying prosecutors. Come on folks, do we see any parallels here in Stanislaus County? Of course it’s a parallel but remember that worthless attorney general kamala Harris will not do anything about it. She wants to be the senator from California so she is absolutely refusing to do anything to help citizens in California. She is a dirt bag that refuses to honor the oath of office she took. And she wants to be a senator. She’ll fit right in.

It is on good authority that Dist. Atty. Fladager had told chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira to drag this hearing out as long as she could to break the defendants financially, physically and mentally. This persecution by Fladager is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials. A village idiot would gather up a lot of her other idiot friends, get their pitch forks and torches and go grab innocent people and burn them at the stake or in this case try to kill them in court. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself.

Let’s talk about a couple of Ferreira’s lies. Without researching our prior commentaries, I will tell you that in open court back along several of the dirtbags that she has as witnesses were asked if they had received any consideration for their “perjimony” and Ferreira jumped up and said no there have been no deals made. Then along comes an intelligent, compassionate, honest young deputy public defender full of integrity and said that to the contrary at least two of his defendants in this egregious prosecution have been offered consideration in exchange for their “perjimony”. If you don’t get “perjimony” let me know and I’ll tell you.

Then another case of complete disrespect for other officers of the court, meaning the defense attorneys, Ferreira again lied in open court. Defense attorney Tim Rein could not be in court yesterday due to a trial he had to go to. Ferreira made a pact with Mr. Rein that in his absence she would not discuss anything regarding his client Walter Wells. As evidenced by the record, Ferreira again showed that she was a liar AGAIN and had a plan all along to ask questions of shakey Baby Huey (Don’t say domestic violence around me) Evers in which he would have to bring Walter Wells into the testimony. So obviously Ferreira has absolutely zero respect for the other defense attorneys and she does not mind lying to them and breaking her word.
Should be sanctioned.

I said this several times before and I will say it again, I am a right wing ultraconservative who believes in strict law enforcement. Strict law enforcement of those who are guilty I mean. I will say again that the majority of all police whether they be deputy sheriffs, constables or anyone who wears a badge are all loyal, dedicated, trustworthy and have what the law enforcement players in this prosecution do not
have, and that is integrity and a moral compass.

I sure that all of the decent law enforcement personnel here in Stanislaus County are clenching their teeth and saying please don’t judge us by what you’re seeing in the Frank Carson persecution. I say to them, don’t worry we know you are the honest and dedicated officers and we respect you and we got your backs. Stay safe out there.

08-23-16 – Mme. chief deputy district attorney stated that Martha Carlton Magana’s dog piling stuff to malign witnesses and their testimony. (OBVIOUSLY THE DA HAS FORGOTTEN HOW MARVELOUSLY HER DIRTBAG DREGS OF SOCIETY THIEVES, DOPERS, BURGLERS, CRIMINAL ASSAULTERS, DRUG DEALER, EMBEZZELER WITNESSES HAVE MALIGNED THEMSELVES AND THEIR TESTIMONY) Martha Carlton Magana is trying to allege prosecutorial misconduct but according to Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira nothing warrants the prosecutorial misconduct attempt by Ms. Magana.

The fact that the information about the polygraph was not brought out immediately was now called by the Dist. Atty. a “huge inadvertent mishap“. That’s a term that is likened to the term that was used when Special Agent Captain Crunch Bunch was caught lying on the stand. Then that was referred to as “incorrect” rather than what it should have been, perjury. Remember when cops lie they are “incorrect”. If a citizen lies its “perjury”.

Well that’s it for this go around folks. If you like these updates I got a whole ton of them to do.


  1. Why don’t we skip the trial for persecuting the DA and all their minions and just get a rope.
    We will save Stanislaus County tax payers millions and millions of dollars and these scum bag shit face “Clowns” will get their justice.

  2. This prelim is still going on. I don’t understand why the DA and Investigators can not be held accountable right now and this case thrown out with the new bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown. I find no where in the bill that would give them a free pass on what they have already done to hinder this case.

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