Pete and repeat

by Marty Carlson


This is a report on the afternoon session of Court day 144 in custody days 424.

The afternoon session got started around 1336 hrs. and Kirk Bunch was still with Robert Woody in the interview room and talking about Bobby Ticknor, and the comment that Robert Woody had made that they are getting closer when they mentioned Ticknor, Woody stated he had heard information about Ticknor being involved.

Woody stated that Ticknor was at the store constantly and when he went to Washington Ticknor was doing some odd jobs around the store, in fact they kept using them after he got back.

He stated that Ticknor was always talking regularly with both Atwal brothers. Woody stated he did not see Ticknor’s truck on the night of the incident at the Frank Carson property. He was then asked about somebody by the name of John Casey, in fact he was shown a picture. He said he did not know him.

Kirk Bunch began an bit of a narration again and was asking Woody about leaving the store with Dalji, and actually shutting down the store 1½ hours early to go meet Baljit who apparently had went to the property and then called them over to Frank Carson’s place.

I noticed during this time Robert Woody will he wasn’t saying anything other than “yeah”, he did say that he knew Korey Kaufman from the flyers that were being distributed, but when he was asked it was Cory that was getting beat down on the property he again said “yeah.” He also stated he did not know what he was wearing during the attack.

Woody stated that he was told to keep quiet by Bobby as a told him he does not know how to talk to law enforcement officers. He also stated that the Atwals were constantly telling him that he was stupid and calling him names.

When he was asked if Frank Carson was aware of what happened on his property he said he did not know. Robert Woody stated he knew about the lawsuit against the District Attorney’s Office filed by the brothers.

John Evers asked him how the body got to the forest and Robert Woody said “I don’t know.”

He was shown a picture that was identified as Jason Armstrong Woody stated that he knew the name but did not recognize the picture.

John Evers showed Woody a diagram of Frank Carson’s property and had a mark where the attack occurred and where all the cars were parked when he arrived. Woody also stated again that when he saw what was happening he told them that he wanted no part of it and he was leaving and he stated he started walking home.

He stated it appeared that Baljit had been watching Frank Carson’s property for a couple days.

Kirk Bunch started asking about some tools that have been taken from Bobby Ticknor and the Cory Kaufman involvement in that theft and he also asked about a subject by the name of Danny Cisco.

Note to there was a lot of repetitious Q&A about the incident in the same results and answers were given every time.

John Evers then said something very interesting he stated that they have a video of Cory Kaufman being beat down and to start telling the truth about his involvement. Robert Woody said the out walls had told him after the search warrant that he Sheriff’s vehicle had taken the body to the mountains.

And then Robert was Woody also added that he does not know when to shut up sometimes.

Agent Brody then came into the room and was talking about the polygraph and he stated he needs to tells him everything to make sure that there is an accurate result in the test. Brody started giving a long speech about telling the truth in the poly or he could be held more accountable later on if he still not saying everything. I noticed that Brody was kind of like acting like he wanted to be a friend to Woody, he then left the room.

Kirk Bunch came back in the room and started asking about Bobby Ticknor again. He then asked Woody if he hated thieves and if Ticknor might have been involved.

Kirk Bunch told Woody that Bobby Ticknor and Jason Armstrong were seen on camera at the crime scene in the mountains. Kirk Bunch giving a long speech about getting all the truth and Woody did say I have been trying but you didn’t believe me. Sounded like he was saying something because they simply didn’t believe him at that point.

Kirk Bunch asked about an Indian motorcycle frame that may have been taken from the Frank Carson property. Woody stated he did not know anything about that. He kept repeating also that Frank Carson always said do not heard anyone do not do anything it is stupid to do anything along that line’s.

John Evers really started developing an even more aggressive attitude and sternly was asking questions of where he now works and asked him if he went to work after the search warrant was served three days prior to this interview. Woody stated that he is working for a company that lays fiberoptics and he been working about three months and never missed a day but did not elaborate any further.

He was asked why he stated different hotels every night, which he had no response for any asked about his cell phone had been shut off since the search warrant and he finally admitted that he knew he could be tracked.

They got back to talking about Frank Carson again and he said he never talk to Frank Carson after the original office visit about his previous case. There was no one else in the private office during the meeting with Frank Carson. Woody never knew or heard of any information about Frank Carson using GPS tracking on any cars available to Mike Cooley or his family.

Everybody took about a 10 minute break in the interview.

When they came back from break they showed him a picture of various people and he did not know any of them, then he was asked about the prison gang the northern writers. Woody stated he had heard of them but did not have any particular knowledge.

Kirk Bunch asked Woody if he had taken any relatives of the brothers to the airport and Woody looked at him kind of funny and said no.

John Evers was continually talking about dirty and corrupt cops that were hanging out at the store all the time.

John Evers also asked Woody if he knew about any type of enticement or bait that was laid to try to bring the thieves over the fence and Woody stated he knew nothing about that.

Also made a note to myself at this time that the investigators were rotating in and out of the room and really asking the same questions over and over again probably not knowing that they’ve already been asked.

At that time it was after 4 o’clock I had to leave a little bit early and take care some business tomorrow session supposed to start again about 9:30am.

Tom Jensen was there this afternoon I will getting report from him later on.

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  1. These idiots will continue until he says what they want. No matter how many times Woody tells them it isn’t what they want to hear. Vindictive asses.

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