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I was in the courtroom this afternoon to watch the 03/01/2016 interview of Robert Woody at the Stanislaus County DA’s Office. We started to watch this interview yesterday, and finally finished the entire video by 4:10PM today. The interview was done on the evening of Robert Woody’s arrest.

When the video recording resumed this afternoon, Robert Woody is asked by DA Investigator Kirk Bunch about Bobby Tickner, and whether Baljit Athwal and Daljit Atwal had said anything about Tickner being involved with the alleged beat down and killing of Korey Kauffman on the Carson property. Woody said that Tickner was a customer at Pop N Cork and did odd jobs around the store at times like gardening. Woody denied that Tickner was present on the Carson property. Woody denied seeing Tickner’s White Ford pickup at the Carson property the night that Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed.

Woody was asked by Bunch if he knows John Lacy. Woody did not know this person, even after being shown a picture. Woody is asked about leaving the Carson property with Baljit Athwal, and how Daljit Atwal left the Carson property approximately 20 minutes later and joined them at Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody said that they shut down the store around one hour early, which would work out to be around 1:00AM.

Woody was asked if anyone had told him to not say anything. He said that Baljit and Daljit told him: “You don’t know anything, keep your mouth shut.” Woody said that he did not hear anything from Frank Carson concerning this matter, but that Daljit had told him that Frank is taking care of it all. Woody said that he went to Washington State, and when he came back Bobby Tickner was doing odd jobs at Pop N Cork.

Woody is shown a picture of Jason Armstrong which he did not recognize. Woody said the name was familiar.

Woody is shown a diagram of the Carson property by DA Investigator Steve Jacobson, and is asked to mark where the alleged altercation occurred. It is now 1:42AM at the DA’s Office, and Woody is asked to sign some papers.

Woody is asked about Baljit Athwal checking on the Carson property, and said that Baljit was checking the property for 2-3 days to try to catch people stealing from the Carson property. Bunch asks Woody about Tickner having tools stolen by Korey Kauffman. I could not really understand how Woody responded to this question. He mumbles, and makes it hard to understand. There was some talk from Bunch about someone being taken to Hickman, and beaten up over the stolen tools. Bunch implied that this person was Korey Kauffman, and that it had happened 1-2 weeks before he was killed.

Woody is asked if he knows Danny Cisco. Woody did not appear to know this person. Bunch: “Did Tickner say that was the guy that was beaten up?” Woody did not know anything about that.

Detective Jon Evers asks Woody about any law enforcement officers being involved, and Woody says that they were not involved.

At this point, Special Agent Brody comes into the room with Woody, and tells him that he is going to do a polygraph examination on him. Brody talks to Woody about how a polygraph examination works, and how he will have to not hold anything back, and how he will have to be completely truthful in order to pass the examination. This examination was never done, and I think this was done to coerce Woody into making further statements to the investigators. Brody then leaves the room.

Woody is asked by Evers and Bunch if he knows whether or not Bobby Tickner was involved. Woody says no. Woody is asked if Baljit and Daljit had ever spoken to him about killing anybody. Woody said something about them saying they would kill in order to protect their family. Bunch then tells Woody details about Bobby Tickner, and how he had been arrested approximately 2 miles from the spot where the body of Korey Kauffman had been found. Bunch tells Woody about Jason Armstrong, and how he was photographed on a game camera at the spot where Korey Kauffman’s body had been found.

Bunch then seems to pressure Woody about how he knew that the body of Korey Kauffman had been dumped on the ground, and had not been buried. Bunch said that this was a very rare way to dispose of a body, and nobody else would know this detail. Woody says that he had heard this detail on the streets. Woody is asked if he saw Michael Cooley at the Carson property, and Woody said he did not see him there.

Detective Jon Evers asks Woody about Korey Kauffman’s cell phone, wallet, and hat. Woody said that he was not aware of any of these items. Bunch asks Woody about Baljit Athwal asking him to burn his pickup truck. Woody states that this was done to get money from the insurance company. Bunch asks Woody about Korey Kauffman being killed over a stolen Indian Motorcycle frame, which Woody had no knowledge of.

Bunch asks Woody about Frank Carson being dissatisfied with law enforcement in preventing thefts on his property. Woody said that Frank Carson only wanted to find out who was stealing and turn them over to the police. Woody said that Frank Carson had said to not hit them or do something stupid. This seemed to anger Bunch.

Bunch then tells Woody that: “We are going to make other arrests, and they are going to say things.” Bunch: “If you omit anything, it will be considered a lie.”

Woody then said that he never saw Baljit Athwal with any firearms, but that Daljit had at least 3-4 firearms. Woody said that Daljit did not like 22 caliber guns, and that he preferred larger caliber guns. The investigators contend that Korey Kaufffman was killed by a 22 caliber gun. Woody is asked about 22 caliber ammunition that was found in his room when his home was searched. Woody makes some comment about how this ammunition was owned by his brother.

Woody is shown a series of pictures, which included Praveen Singh. Woody did not recognize this photo. Woody is shown a picture of someone called Bubba, which he did not recognize. Woody is asked about the Northern Riders, which he denied having any knowledge of. Woody is shown a picture of Jason Armstrong, which he did not recognize. Woody is shown a picture of someone called Dopey (Brandon Star) which he did not recognize.

Woody denied taking anybody from the Athwal family to the airport. Woody denied knowing Ryan Schmidt. Evers asks Woody about the body parts of Korey Kauffman being spread out.

Detective Dale Lingerfeldt asks Woody about the “Dirty Cops.” Woody said that the officers would only come by Pop N Cork to drink when they were off duty.

Evers asks Woody about whether a “Lure” was set out on the Carson property to entice Korey Kauffman onto the property. Woody said: “No.” The interview is now done, and it was approximately 3:30AM at the DA’s office. Woody is told that he is not going to be taken to the Stanislaus County Jail. The video is stopped before we can hear where he was taken. We all know where he is at, and have known this for quite some time. Remember all those rides to Tuolumne County?

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

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