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Here is the transcribed version:

Morning Report 10/12/2016


This morning’s session was supposed to start at 9:30, but started at 9:50.  Once it started, Jesse Garcia asked the judge if he could be on his phone while the video played.  He said he was doing work from his phone. The judge gave him permission on a limited basis. She expresses her dislike for attorneys being on their cell phones, as it can cause conflict with their clients if they’re not doing a good job. The judge also asked the D.A. about proof of service on the county counsel for a motion that was filed. There was some dispute on whether there was a proof of service on it, and counsel advised that they did not receive. They made it clear that since it was from the D.A., they did not plan to file a response.


Robert Woody took the stand, and the video of his March 1, 2014. The video showed Kirk Bunch, Steve Jacobson, and Jon Evers interrogating Robert Woody. Kirk Bunch was going on about what was on Woody’s mind. He was assuring Woody that whatever was said would be “between us.” Then all at the same time, they began asking him why he was not explaining what had happened at Frank Carson’s property. He was asked why he is telling his family details about the murder, but not telling them anything. Apparently his family members very chatty with the police. Kirk Bunch said something about Woody hating thieves, and Korey Kauffman was a “piece of shit.”


Robert Woody’s responses were pretty nil at this point. Kirk Bunch continued on saying Woody was right there when it happened, and Beverly told him all about it. Bunch asked him to do a polygraph, which Woody agreed to. Bunch said that as “true as Woody”, he is honorable, and just wants the truth. There was a long discussion with Jacobson and Bunch. They were trying to tell Woody that they know everything, and trying hard to reassure him about the evidence they have. Bunch went on to say he knew about Carson’s involvement prior to the murder. This means between Woody and Carson I think.  Woody did state that he knew Korey Kauffman was missing through his family members, who were following it on Facebook.


Woody made an out of the blue comment about Scott McFarlan watching Korey from his patrol car, while Korey was going up and down the street on his bicycle.  Woody then stated he relayed that message to the Athwals. Bunch asked about Daljit’s truck. Woody stated it was burned for the insurance money. Woody claims Daljit gave him the key, and Woody poured gas on it, Robin Attenhoffer was also with him. He used a cigarette in a match book as a fuse. Daljit took items out of the truck first, before he took the truck out. Woody claims he was not compensated for burning the truck.


Evers was asking Woody why he would help after the way he was treated. They were constantly trying to convince Woody that he had been treated badly. They said they would help get him off of meth, and other drugs. The investigators even went so far as to offer to pay family bills from time to time. Jacobson of course would supply the pizza and burritos. Jacobson even turned the tables and was implying that the Athwals owed him for all the things Woody had done for them. Evers was asking what the “real reason” was for the burning of the truck, he did not want to hear that it was for insurance fraud. Woody mentioned minimal pay he had received for working at Pop n Cork. He was heavy into drugs, and the Athwals didn’t want the money going to drugs. They would pay for his teeth, bills, and his trip to Washington. The investigators asked how much he was given to go to Washington. Woody’s answer was about $400. The investigators were throwing out other numbers, but he was firm on $400.


Evers asked if Woody knew that the body had been found. Woody stated he was not aware of that. They asked if Korey was a “low life”, and deserved what happened to him. There really wasn’t too much of response to this question, and was actually semi unresponsive to a few questions. I’m assuming some of these questions didn’t get answered because with all 3 investigators talking over each other, it would be hard to answer.


Jacobson then told Woody he was showing signs of deception. You think? No way, not Woody! He was talking in his calm, cool, and collective “boy next door” voice. Woody then would respond to this tactic, especially after being brow beaten by the other tough guys…eye roll.  Evers began telling Woody he was the key holder to this puzzle.  He compared himself to Moses parting the water, with the information that he knows. I wonder if Moses knows his Miranda rights or ever back slapped his wife? Just curious.


Kirk Bunch starts asking about Miranda Dykes body wire, and what Woody said and subject matter. Apparently the body wire incident had been done about a week before this interview. Woody said that he had not told the truth, and was “stupid.” He went on to say that he was just trying to impress Miranda by admitting he killed Korey. Yeah, I’ll have to remember that on my next date, since it worked so well for him. Jacobson continues to speak sensitively, and tries to get Woody to talk. They start playing the body wire recording and kept stopping it to ask questions of certain parts. Bunch was telling Woody that he spoke with the Athwals numerous times, and nobody knows the stuff that he knows. He was trying to reassure Woody that he was not going to tell anybody anything and that’s not “how he works.” He’s good at keeping secrets, just ask his ex-wife.


The body wire was played and stopped numerous times, with comments being made to Woody about how guilty he is. They talked about a comment that was made about Frank Carson in the audio. They asked about 10 questions, that I counted anyway. They were really trying to nail him down on certain comments. They just were not willing to accept that he was trying to impress Miranda Dykes. Bunch interrupted the audio all of a sudden to show 6 pictures. 1 was of Jack Gable, and some other private investigators affiliated with Frank Carson. Woody said he did not know who they were.  Kirk kept showing the pictures over and over, not willing to take no for an answer. No means No Cap’n Crunch! They were really trying to convince Woody that those investigators were at his house asking questions. After many “no I do not know” them, they started the audio again.


Woody made a strange comment that Frank Carson was a Modesto PD officer for 2 years prior to becoming an attorney. I have no confirmation of this, nor have I ever heard this before. Maybe this was another Woody pick up line. That seemed to catch the trio off guard. At this time, they decided to take a break from interviewing. Bunch gave Woody a burrito (surprising), and once again reassured Woody that he would not speak of what Woody had said. Do you feel safe? I do, just knowing Bunch has my back…yep another eye roll.


Several people came in, including Lingerfelt and Broody. Looks like they were setting up a polygraph machine. There was a lot of dead time in this part of the video, so everyone agreed to fast forward. Bunch and Evers came back into the room and immediately stated that Woody had made a comment during the break. He said he was at Frank Carson’s property, but could not state anything about it, including a street address. They asked him what happened, and there was a long pause. They kept trying to prompt him, but Woody didn’t really want to say anything.  Bunch was basically poking him with a hot poker to try to get out information, (well not a hot poker, but close).  Woody then stated he did not touch Korey. Woody started talking about the incident at Carson’s property. He really wasn’t being clear about the incident, and was continuously prompted by Evers and Bunch.  They were asking about guns, who was where, and the beat down.


Bunch was making comments about Daljit always carrying a gun. By the way, if anyone wants a course in how to shoot someone in the back, just ask Bunch. Woody did say that the Athwals said that Korey’s body had been moved with a sheriff’s car. He mentioned he did not know Korey was killed until served with a search warrant in 2012. Evers started a long Q&A about if Woody tried to help Korey during the beat down, and if he had seen any weapons. Woody kept repeating that he had just left, and wanted no part of it. He tried to stop it, but again wanted no part of it. He was asked questions about Bobby Tickner, and Woody said “here, you’re getting closer.”


This is where is ended, it is noon and time for lunch. I knew it was close to lunch time, as I saw Ferreira sweating and was overwhelmed with the smell of bacon. Just kidding. Come back for the afternoon report!



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