MARTHA HAMMERS WOODY ON INCONSISTENT STATEMENTS FRANK CARSON CASE 10/13/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today was the one-year anniversary of this never ending preliminary hearing. The session this morning started out late like usual. It was slightly less than 30 minutes late. It seemed to be a combination ofContinue Reading

Let’s read it just for the record by Marty Carlson 10-13-2016 For some reason the afternoon session never got started in till 1415 hrs. with a continuing with Robert Woody being cross-examined by Martha Magana. Some of this is very difficult to follow because Martha Magana is trying to establishContinue Reading

HERE IS THE MORNING REPORT: The Morning Report 10/13/2016   This is Court day 145, and the defendants have been in custody 425 days. Today is a very special day. It has been 1 year today that this God Damned Mother F****** preliminary hearing has been going on. Okay gladContinue Reading