Let’s read it just for the record

by Marty Carlson


For some reason the afternoon session never got started in till 1415 hrs. with a continuing with Robert Woody being cross-examined by Martha Magana.

Some of this is very difficult to follow because Martha Magana is trying to establish prior inconsistent statements, and bouncing back and forth between interviews and I’m sure some of them I did not get straight myself.

There were talking about the August 15, 2015 interview where Robert Woody had talked to Melissa Ferreira and he was asked if the DA had explained to him that he was in charge of which path to take for his future. He gave the typical do not recall response. In addition, his attorney was not in the room with him during this interview. That condition totally astounds me.

The began talking about the July 22, 2016 interview, he again did not recall so Martha Magana started reading more of the transcript about closing the store into the record, in fact she did not ask any more questions in regards to that.

From then on, basically the entire afternoon consisted of Martha Magana reading interview transcripts into the record. I am not going to break them all down.

But the four interviews were from March 1, 2014, August 2015, July 2016, and his interview with his attorney in April 2016.  There were probably only two or three questions asked of Woody all afternoon, just almost entirely reading into the record.

Again the transcripts were just read into the record to show prior inconsistent statements, and those inconsistencies came down to him:

Running from the scene of the alleged attack, then later talking about staying and witnessing the attack

The different statements about movement of the body both from the property and the movement to the mountains.

The different statements that have been made about the shoes and the socks being put back on the body then saying they were burned.

The many different statements that he made about the location of the body especially in light the body wire worn by Sunny Dykes.

Different statements were made at different times about which vehicles were used and when they were used.

Also different statements have been made about the disposal of the dirt that was picked up from the pop and cork lot and dispensed at the gravesite, and another statement where he was stated he was in the back of the truck dumping the dirt out down the road.

There is also been different statements about the rags and the socks and the knife that was allegedly burned by at one point several different fires in the back of the pop and cork.

In a nutshell that’s what happened this afternoon I really don’t have much more to share, Tom Jensen is writing report a little later on which may have a little more detail.

Also for information the motions that were on calendar for Monday have been changed to next Thursday due to scheduling problems with some of the witness which is are mostly police officers, and there is a motion to dismiss for prosecutorial must conduct, there’s a conflict that’s been declared I believe it’s against Woody’s attorney but I’m not sure or could have been the judge it was not very clear, they were mentioning something about a holding order on somebody and I don’t know what they were talking about it did make sense to me, and there was an obstruction motion filed by one of the defense attorneys, but I think some of those have been resolved already so they may not be going it was very confusing when they were talking about it.

They also talked about future scheduling of witnesses which are mostly police officers and it appeared that there was about another 10 witnesses to be called all by the defense.

Court was adjourned until 10 AM Monday we are at that time Martha Magana will continue where is her cross examination of Robert Woody.