The Morning Report 10/13/2016


This is Court day 145, and the defendants have been in custody 425 days. Today is a very special day. It has been 1 year today that this God Damned Mother F****** preliminary hearing has been going on. Okay glad I got that out of my system.  Court promptly started at 9:30 court time, but it was actually 9:50 real time.  Woody started on the stand, and was being crossed examined by Martha Magana. She was asking him about the bathroom break.


Woody did not recall being told to tell the truth and he could go home. Woody was shown a transcript of the interview with the PI hired by his attorney, to try to recall his statements made when Kirk Bunch told him he could go home. Woody could not recall, and actually he can’t recall much. I don’t think he’s faking it, I think he really just can’t recall. He did not recall Steve Jacobson telling him that he could go home if he said what Jacobson wanted. (Maybe he should have offered Woody another burrito).


Woody did say that he spoke to his girlfriend Candy Watts in the hallway on the way to the bathroom. He gave her some money and property from his pockets (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall). They spoke for about 10 minutes before he went to the bathroom. It was a deuce if anyone is concerned. Jake wiped, and Bunch held the balls. (Okay, not true but a funny visual). About 20-25 minutes later they went back into the interview room.


Martha asked if he recalls Kirk Bunch speaking to him during the break, of course he did not recall. He did remember in the video, that he did talk to Kirk during the break. He then went back into the interview room to discuss it. He was asked why he changed his story after the break, again couldn’t remember. (Asking this guy why he lies is like trying to figure out how Evers sees his wang, pointless).


He was asked about the Frank Carson Property, and Bobby’s involvement in the Korey Kauffman investigation, he said he did not know who it was until he saw the fliers.  Martha was reminding him about what he had said in the 2014 interview. There seemed to be a little disagreement between the D.A. and Martha Magana. When Martha asked Woody if he was getting any clues from the D.A. on proper answers, the D.A. kept objecting. Ferreira’s objections weren’t actually objections; they were nothing more than what she complains the other attorneys of doing. More like talking objections, not legal ones. She seems to do this as a tactic to help Woody out with his testimony. Nothing more than a butt load of whining. She is by far the biggest offender of this.  Just my opinion.


They took Woody off the stand to get an offer of proof for the August 2015 interview. That’s when all the other defendants were arrested. Martha at this time was trying to get prior inconsistent statements. There were long arguments on how his statements were not inconsistent, as the DA was trying to say it was a totally different question. I think she is just trying to confuse everyone, in an effort to hide the truth. Just another self-opinion. (I happen to have a few).


The judge finally strattled the fence, and said it could be litigated at a further date, if this circus goes to trial. Martha began reading from an August 2015 transcript. It was about the bate pipe that was put up on the property. Woody said he was not aware this had been done. In his April statement to his attorney, he mentioned cameras and bating. At this time there was a major confusion on what was being read. We ended up taking a break. Everyone was complaining about different transcripts and copies being made/read.  It was figured out that some were draft copies and others were final copies of the interviews that were distributed. Some were different in areas, so guess that’s what happened. Many years and big bucks for law school and they can’t figure out 1st grade stuff, go figure.


Woody was asked about the July 22, 2016 interview when he was trying to help roller pig, oh sorry, his mom. He lied again about Frank Carson and Walter Wells being involved, when he had already admitted to his attorney in April that they were not involved. During that July interview, Marlissa and Jake from State Farm were in the room with him. His attorney was NOT in the room, which is interesting. I hope that day Jake sprung for more burritos (since Ferreira was there).  Magana began arguing that the defense attorneys have been denied access to Woody to obtain statements. She stated that is a normal Stanislaus County agreement to have a stipulation complying with a plea agreement, such as Woody has done.  Part of the compliance is meeting and giving statements to the defense attorneys. This has been denied to them since his attorney has told them he can’t speak to them. Apparently the D.A.’s office doesn’t play by the rules, SHOCKER! She then went on to say that this agreement did not have a stipulation, as it should for this County.


The D.A. said there were no legal requirements for Woody to give statements to the defense. (But making arrests without Miranda rights, smacking your girl around, and shooting folks in the back is ok). Welcome to Stanislaus County! DA got super defensive saying Woody’s attorney made the decision for Woody not to talk, not the DA’s office. Ohhhh blame shifting are we?


Martha began reading transcripts from the July 22, 2016 interview. He admitted that what he said in that interview was in hopes of getting a plea deal. That included trying to get an agreement that his mom wouldn’t get in trouble either. He admitted that he WOULD BE WILLING TO LIE to get a plea deal. Wow, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  This was very important.


He was asked about the March 1, 2014 interview, again he did not recall saying to Bunch something about property. He did say what property in the interview video.  He was reminded that he did not hear gunshots in the March 1st interview, and that he just ran away. From August 2015 interview that Martha read from the interview, he stated he heard gunshots. This was the interview that Domby from the CHP was active in.


Woody was asked if he denied being present at the property. He said, “correct.”


Woody said he was taken to the sheriff’s department in August 2015 for that interview. I thought it was interesting that every other interview had been done at the District Attorney’s office, and this one was at the Sheriff’s Department. He was placed in a hall way for a few minutes, and the rest of the defendants who had just been arrested were paraded in front of him in handcuffs. This was a chicken shit way to show they were all in custody. I pray we all see the day when the BS investiHATErs get paraded around in handcuffs for the injustice they have committed in this case. That is a whole other story though.


Woody stated he could see them all. He went into a room with his attorney Mark Baker. He was advised on what to do and not do. Obviously lying was on the to do list, just thinking out loud. He was told he could stop the interview whenever he wanted.  This was actually a pretty decent day, as far as getting stuff done. Other than the transcript mix up, it was productive.

Welp, this was about it for the morning session.  Check back later for the afternoon report!