1. Lol Tom, that was not me calling in! I have a little more class than that. Not much more, but a smidge more….

    That being said, for everyone who would like to comment, don’t let anyone scare you away. You can post anonymously or use your real name like me…. (My mom was mean.) Have some balls and say it like it is. What are they gonna do, arrest all of us, sue us? Go ahead, hope they accept gov’ment cheese as payment.

  2. That’s what I say too. Going to arrest all of Stanislaus County. People should not live in fear it’s our American Rights to say what is on our minds without having to be in fear of going to jail. Don’t let the Brady Bunch scare you away. Come on everyone Marty is back start posting your comments on this case again.

  3. Wow, what a powerful message. We do not need to be afraid to speak out because we are speaking for what we believe to be truth and justice. ..the best we can.

watcha gotta say?

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