Once again, court started out late. We were scheduled to start at 10:00AM, and actually got started at 10:23AM. Judge Zuniga continues to have a problem with the traffic driving from Contra Costa County.

We start out with defense attorney Percy Martinez bringing up a very dangerous situation that was caused by the prosecution, and the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. It all centers on the prosecution’s response to a motion to dismiss based on prosecutorial misconduct. The misconduct concerns the Ramey Warrant that started this whole fiasco. It seems the prosecution failed to file this Ramey Warrant with the court as required by the law. The original Ramey Warrant that was rejected by Judge Abdulla of San Joaquin County can’t even be found. The prosecution’s response to this motion included exhibits that contain the Social Security numbers, Driver’s License numbers, addresses, and other protected information for all of the defendants charged in this case. This information was still present on a Stanislaus County website while we were in the courtroom this morning. Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson was able to pull up the information on his computer while this issue was being discussed.

Judge Zuniga seemed very concerned about this situation, and instructed Marlisa Ferreira to pull this information off the website immediately. Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana stated that many copies of this information are currently in circulation. Marlisa Ferreira suggested that the defense attorneys issue a motion to suppress this information, and was ridiculed by several of the defense attorneys for this suggestion. Judge Zuniga stated that a motion is not necessary. Judge Zuniga took responsibility for the oversight by stating that she has a new clerk handling these sort of things. The judge stated that she takes responsibility for the error of the clerk because she did not read the exhibits that were attached to the prosecution’s response before authorizing them to be placed on the website.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez stated that he wants the name of the clerk. Judge Zuniga stated that she is not going to provide her name. Percy Martinez wants this issue to be sent to the State Attorney General so that it can be investigated. Percy Martinez stated that he also wants Marlisa Ferreira to order the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department to provide a declaration on how the original Ramey Warrant, with all of the sensitive information, was posted for up to two hours on a Stanislaus County website very early in this preliminary hearing. It was taken down after one to two hours, but resulted in Frank Carson to be the victim of identity theft. People used Frank Carson’s personal information to open up fraudulent credit card accounts, and to purchase plane tickets from this earlier breach of confidential information being posted on the website. Marlisa Ferreira stated that she doesn’t think she can order the Sheriff’s Department to do so. Marlisa Ferreira stated that this is a criminal or a civil matter if Percy Martinez chooses to make the case. At this time, Kirk Bunch looks like he is going to pop a fuse.

Judge Zuniga stated: “Ms. Ferreira, in your opposition papers, one of your arguments states that the defense makes arguments not substantiated by the facts.” “You said that the Sheriff’s Department made the decision to post this information.” “Detective Corey Brown is testifying on Thursday, and if he denies that he did the posting, you better have somebody else to testify.”

Percy Martinez once again stated that he wants the State Attorney General to investigate this matter. Judge Zuniga: “If your client wants this, I am not going to do it.” Percy Martinez: “We expect that another attorney firm will be handling this matter.” Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana stated that she believes this is a criminal matter that was intentionally done. At this point Marlisa Ferreira requests that she be allowed to take the rest of the morning off so she can discuss this matter with Birgit Fladager and Dave Harris, and for court to resume at 1:30PM or 2:00PM. Judge Zuniga shot down this idea, because she did not want to waste the entire morning session. Judge Zuniga stated that the latest posting of this sensitive personal information was posted on a County website on October 12th, 2016 at 4:48PM, and has now been taken down.

Stanislaus County Council Rob Taro was in the courtroom, and stated that he filed the response on October 14th, 2016. Judge Zuniga seems to be distressed that she has not seen Mr. Taro’s response. She blames her new clerk, who once again has been thrown under the bus.

It is now 11:31AM, and Robert Woody is put back on the stand for Martha Carlton-Magana to continue her cross examination. Martha asks Woody if he had testified that Robin Attenhoffer had gone with him to the mountains to dump off the body of Korey Kauffman. Woody: “Correct.” Martha then shows how Woody told Steve Jacobson in the August 14, 2015 interview that she did not go to the mountains with them that night. Martha: “Robin came over that night when you dug Korey Kauffman up?” Woody: “Yea.” Woody said that Robin put some dirt back in the grave after they had dug up Korey Kauffman’s body.

Martha then goes into inconsistent statements that Robert Woody made concerning the cutting off and disposal of Korey Kauffman’s fingers and toes. Martha shows how Woody, in the 08/14/2016 interview, said that he had thrown the fingers and the toes into the river along Hwy 140, and that Robin Attenhoffer had been with him on that drive. It is now time for our lunchtime break.

Court resumed at 1:47PM, and Martha goes into how Woody had testified that he had removed the fingers and the toes on the ground, and had put them into the hole with the body of Korey Kauffman.

Martha then shows how Woody, in the 08/15/2015 interview, had told Steve Jacobson that: “I took the fingers and the toes and the shit and threw them up in the trees up there in the mountains.” Woody told Jacobson that he did not know exactly where he threw the fingers and toes and shit, but that it was further away from the body of Korey Kauffman.

Martha Carlton-Magana then asks Woody if he became aware that his family had contacted the investigators concerning this case. Woody: “I don’t recall.” Martha then speaks to Woody how his sister had been arrested. Woody: “I don’t recall.” Martha: “Are you aware that your brother and sister had jumped off a bridge into the river to avoid arrest?” Woody: “They were jumping in to go swimming.” Martha: “You believed your family had been harassed?” Woody: “I don’t think so.”

Martha then proves that Woody’s family had indeed been harassed by playing five recorded phone calls from Woody at the Tuolumne County Jail to his mother and father in Turlock.

The first call was made by Woody to his father on 03/23/2014. Robert Woody’s father can be heard telling how Robert had been beaten on the ground by the police, and nearly killed. Woody was taken to Doctors Medical Center for treatment, and one of the officers had made a comment: “O heck, I thought he was going to die.” Woody’s father said he was going to take pictures of this and take them to court to show what the officers had done to his son. Woody’s father is heard saying to Robert that Robert had been in Washington State when Korey Kauffman had allegedly been killed. We have had a comment on one of our articles from Woody’s former wife that he indeed was in Washington State, and that she has the proof that he was there. I hope this comes out in court. It could change everything. Robert Woody could be heard telling his dad that: “They don’t believe me” concerning him being in Washington State.

The second recorded phone call has Robert Woody telling his father that: “They keep me in here and want me to roll over on those mother fuckers.” I believe it was in this call that Woody could be heard talking about how Frank Carson was running for DA, and how “They” had said that they had to stop him before he was able to win. This is huge people. Woody actually said that to his dad, and it is recorded. It is what many of us have been saying all along. This whole thing was manufactured to keep Frank Carson from having any possibility of winning the election for DA. In order to do that, the DA was willing to ruin Frank Carson’s life, and the lives of all the other defendants. Is anybody really safe in Stanislaus County?

The third recorded phone call was made on 04/03/2014. Woody: “Everything I say they twist twist twist.” Woody: “The ones that need to come clean are them.” Woody: “I had nothing to do with this, I have no regrets.” Woody: “They want me to say that I was there.” Woody: “Steve treats me alright, the fat guy (Evers) is an asshole.” Woody’s dad tells him: “They are using psychology on you.” Woody: ‘They threatened me with the death penalty.” Woody: “They need to stop fucking with me.” Woody: “I’m going to hurt them real bad.”

The fourth recorded phone call was made on 04/06/2016. Woody can be heard telling his dad that: “Every time they come by they do something stupid.” His dad tells him: “Don’t trust none of them.” Robert Woody: “They want me to say I was there, and still want me to do time.”

The fifth recorded phone call was Robert Woody calling his mother from the Tuolumne County Jail. Robert Woody: “I told my lawyer what they wanted me to say.” In this phone call, Beverly Woody is heard telling Robert that she has been talking to the Kauffman family, and had told them that Robert had been in Washington State when Korey was allegedly killed. It is around 4:30PM, and we are done for the day.

Kirk Bunch and Marlisa Ferreira discuss how Corey Brown will be available next Wednesday for testimony. They say that Detective Dale Lingerfeldt will be available next Thursday. A witness named Cavenaugh will be available next Wednesday in the morning. Detective Barringer is available sometime next week. Bruce Perry will be available next Wednesday. It is announced that Jim Cook is out of state. Captain Collins is available next week. Brad Nix and Kirk Bunch are available whenever. Somebody needs to put this case out of its misery. It is a case that refuses to accept an end.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)