Déjà vu all over again

by Marty Carlson


Martha Magana asked Robert Woody if he or his family and had contact with Kirk Bunch in the past prior to this case, he stated he did not recall.

Then there seemed to be a little bit of a spat between Marlisa Ferrera and Martha Magana about some portions of the transcript that is not actually in evidence at this time.  Martha Magana finished it by saying saying she will talk to Kirk Bunch about. The judge looked at the both of them and asked them if they were both done, if so let’s move on.

I happened to look at what Robert Woody was doing on the stand during this exchange and he appeared to be quite entertained by this little exchange between the attorneys.

Martha Magana then began playing jail phone calls from March 23, 2014.  Robert Woody was talking to his dad, and his dad was saying no one called or told them anything about what’s going on. Woody’s dad was talking about a beating that somebody had endured by cops and he had tried to stop it.  During the incident, one of the officers stuck a gun in Woody’s dad’s face forcing him to stop.  Dad stated that all that stuff was a lie and he’s having trouble trusting law enforcement worse than before.

What Woody stated on the phone was that he was being threatened by cops and he was saying he has fear he that he would be going down for something or some shit he did not do. He then states he did not do nothing and it is all a lie. Woody also stated that he does not know how to help them.

Robert Woody was saying that they have threatened him and his dad. That was the end of the first phone call.

Then a second phone call was played between Robert Woody and his dad. Woody kept saying in this phone call “he didn’t do nothing.” Both Woody and his dad talked about several different things and experiences they’ve had with law enforcement in the past.

Woody’s dad talked about some family members that were getting strung out on meth and they were picking up rocks in the yard, calling them gold nuggets.  He said they were constantly sweating and tweaking really bad.


There was an another call that was placed on April 3, 2014 from the jail to Robert Woody’s dad.  Woody’s dad was talking about he was so broke right now and that he’s been unable to find work.  He was even unable to put gas in the truck right now. They talked about his next court date and Woody’s dad talked about everything.  He said the cops twist their words and they start to believe their own lies. They are supposed to be helping people but instead they were going around lying about people. Robert Woody at that point stated “I didn’t Fucking do this.”

They continued to talk about family statements that were being twisted and manipulated. Robert Woody stated the asshole, referring to Kirk Bunch, wanted him to say things about both Athwal brothers that were lies.

Another phone call was played,  dated April 6 of 2014.  Robert Woody had called his dad again. His dad invited someone from a law office to come talk to him. Dad also mentioned that the jerks at the District Attorney’s Office won’t even call him back anymore, apparently they no longer had any use for him. Dad talked about the fact that investigators are putting innocent people in jail and he’s getting tired of it.

Dad stated he thought he was being told the truth by the investigators.  Robert Woody stated that they had him hooked like a fish. Robert Woody also stated they want him to say all that shit about everybody else but they wanted him to go to prison for all these Fucking lies.

Shortly after that Beverly Woody got on the phone and had a short conversation with Woody. She continually said they know the right guys are out there and the wrong guy is in custody.


One last phone call from jail was recorded on April 8, 2014 and was a call from Robert Woody to Beverly Woody. They talked about the court date on the 10th and Beverly stated that her and Brian would be there.

Beverly Woody then went through a long list of commissary that she had ordered for Robert Woody, in fact it was about $120 worth of soups, candies, pastries and other things. Robert Woody stated during that phone call that he can’t wait to get out. Beverly Woody said that the family wants to talk to the attorneys for Robert because he did not do anything wrong, and that the Korey Kaufman family had been coming over to their house regularly and saying they do not believe Robert was involved. Robert Woody stated the attorney said nothing about that in his paperwork.

Beverly Woody went on to say she sees the Athwals all the time as they live close to the store and she says to herself every time “I’m going to get them.” Robert Woody was talking about why they wanted him to rent them out and he did not understand.

Segments of all these phone calls were objected to by the district attorney’s office as not relevant and they ended up going through all of them one by one, almost page by page to clarify what was and was not relevant.  There were many stipulations on both sides and the judge had to make a few rulings.




  1. Thanks Marty for all of your time and reports! Fab job like always! So the Kauffman family went over to the Woody family’s home to let them know they think Woody is innocent? Hmmmm. So I’m assuming they were friends or became friends. I’m sorry, but if someone was lying and standing in the way of finding out who really killed my son, best believe I’m not going over there to play nice. I also don’t believe that Woody had any part of this, but if that fucker was describing how he brutally hacked up my child, there would be nothing nice I could say about him. Woody is very stupid for allowing the DA to use him they way they did. If he knew any better, he should have kept his damn mouth shut. Those investigators preyed on a meth head (woody) and used the murder of Korey to satisfy their own vendetta.

    1. If anyone gets convicted of ANYTHING here it will be a damn shame. There is absolutely no way any jury would have to deliberate more than 30 minutes given what has gone on so far. The D.A. is overmatched by Martinez and Magana. Somebody is going to beat a murder case here and the D.A is too blame for putting on a tweaker that has to be given transcripts to read just so he can give some stupid ass reason as to why he told lie after lie. I went to high school with Kirk Bunch and he would bounce around the hallways like a little princess. i always wanted to punch him right in the face. Now I see I should have. Excellent job with the blog.Reality here is Stanislaus County is one corrupt system. They will never prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt and you have got to be joking by posting personal info from the Ramey warrant online. That is fucking pathetic

      1. I would have paid money to see you punch him in the face in HS. Don’t try it now though. He’s apparently good at shooting people in the back :/

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