Morning Report Transcription



Today is court day 146, and in custody day 430. Court started promptly again at 9:47am, with Martha Magana starting with cross on Woody. Attorney Hans had requested certain sections of yesterday’s audio be stricken.  He specified which sections, and Ferreira asked for a moment to listen to the request to determine if she is going to object. The judge told her “not to bother, she will lose” (hahaha better get used to it). The record will be stricken.  So that was that. They continued with the jail phone calls.

The one being played was April 17, 2014.  Robert Woody called his house and a young girl answered. There wasn’t much conversation, and she turned the phone over to Woody’s dad.


His dad immediately started talking about how he hasn’t been working, but they are going to try to get some money on his books.  He then started to get aggressive and made a comment about “jack ass cops”. He was talking about how they work for the “enterprise”, as government employees. He continued on saying that “they are holding you by the word of mouth of the streets. This is the type of stuff that the devil does to people.” Sounds like the fortune I got at Panda Express last night.


Woody said he didn’t do jack shit, and didn’t do nothing. His dad went on a long rant about people who do this type of stuff. He said they are liars. Robert then said “they” want him to lie for them. I’m assuming by “they” he means the DA.

His dad said, “son don’t do it!”

Robert then replied, “fuck that shit, I didn’t do it.”


His dad then went on to talk about Steve, I’m assuming Steve Jacobson. Saying he is the biggest liar he has ever seen, and surprised that he is a Christian (join the club).  Robert then went on about how there are bad people doing bad things, walking the streets, and he is in jail. He went on to say that “he didn’t do a fucking thing.”

Dad at this point was pretty upset and called them all Anti Christs.


After the phone call was played, there were some objections. Some of the parts were stricken and some were left in. There was a long argument about Woody and Steve Jacobson’s relationship. It was over how Woody was trying to please him (um, ok well we all know how Jacobson loves them burritos). The defense attorneys, mainly Martha, did not want it stricken. This went on for a while and they talked about the transportations and the relationship he is trying to establish. Jacobson had been doing a lot of preaching in the car (since he knows the word of God and actually follows it). The judge didn’t buy into it, and said it wasn’t relevant.


The next thing they wanted to do was re play the polygraph cd, and of course there was argument over that. The DA stating it was cumulative since already played in the 402 hearing. Martha said she is aware of statements made to examiner, and she is trying to show inconsistent statements. The judge ruled it was a different defendant when it was originally played and for a different purpose. She also stated that Robert Woody was not on the stand at the time it had been played. She would like to watch him and his reactions while it is being played.


There was a 20-minute break taken at this time. When we returned the video of the polygraph taken April 24, 2014 was played again.  Just as a reminder, the last time this video was played it was at the 402 hearing. It had not been previously played in front of Woody, although I’m sure he has seen it. The main focus of the polygraph was of Woody saying he was not involved, nor does he know who killed Korey Kauffman. The video had examiner Jefferson talking to Woody, and letting know what the questions will be.  He let Woody know he was going to do the questions 3 times, and in different orders. It appeared that some of these questions were asked in different ways too. Jefferson said there were six questions asked. Woody’s response to all the questions was “no”, except 1.

Question 1. “Do some of your friends call you Robert?’ This question he did obviously say yes to.

Question 2. “Do you believe I will ask a question that we have not gone over?”



Question 3. “Were you involved in movement of Korey Kauffman’s body after he was killed?” NO


Question 4. “Between the ages of 18 and 36, did you ever lie to any judge in any court?”       NO


Question 5. “Do you know who is involved in the death of Korey Kauffman in anyway?”



Question 6. “In the first 18 years of your life have you ever stolen anything from your parents?”

NO (I bet this one isn’t true)


There were actually 2 more question asked at this point. Same questions, just worded differently.


Question 7. “Do you know for sure who was involved in the death of Korey Kauffman? Were you involved personally in the death of Korey Kauffman?”



The examiner did tell Woody at this point that he is getting hits of deception (he actually worded it differently) on who is involved. That’s where we stand at this point, and its time for lunch Court will be back in session at 1:30. Be sure to check back later for the afternoon report, should be good!