FRANK CARSON et al 10-18-2016 (tom)





Today, I only attended court for the morning session. Once again, court started 20 minutes late. Nothing significant happened in the morning session today.

We start out at 9:50AM with defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson stating that he wants to exclude a portion of the last tape recorded telephone call that we listened to yesterday. This included lines 19-27 of this tape-recorded call’s transcript. Hans argues that these lines are irrelevant and inadmissible hearsay. Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana states that she has no objection to these lines being excluded. The next thing was very entertaining. Judge Zuniga looks at Marlisa Ferreira, and says: “Ms. Ferreira, don’t even try.” It was like the judge was saying: “I know what you are thinking.” Marlisa sat there like twiddley dumb, and those lines were excluded.


Robert Woody is then put on the stand, and we begin listening to yet another telephone call between Robert Woody in the Tuolumne County Jail and his house in Turlock. Robert’s niece answers the phone, and they have some conversation of little significance. Robert’s Dad takes over the phone, and he begins having a conversation with Robert. Robert’s Dad calls him “Baby.” It is obvious that he loves his son very much, and is very concerned. Robert’s Dad tells him that: “They are holding you for word of mouth.” Robert’s Dad: “Steve (Jacobson) is a liar, he’s the Antichrist.” Wow, that really says it all. Robert Woody: “They want me to smut it up and lie and say “They” did it when I don’t know anything.” Robert Woody: “They want to bust him (Frank Carson) so he can’t run for office.” Once again, Robert Woody has said this statement. I think he was telling his Dad the truth.

The second thing we got to listen to was a video recording of Special Agent Jefferson doing a polygraph examination of Robert Woody. We have seen this video before, but Robert Woody was not on the stand, and it is somehow necessary for him to be on the stand while it is being played for it to be used in a certain way. This video takes over two hours. In the beginning of this video recording, Woody tells Jefferson: “These guys are my family.” Woody was referring to Jacobson, Bunch, and some of the other investigators that were present. It seems like Woody was very impressed with how he was being provided with special treatment at the time. Woody can be heard telling Jefferson that he denies knowing who was involved in the death of Korey Kauffman. Woody denied being involved with the killing of Korey Kauffman in any manner. Woody told Jefferson that he did not know Korey Kauffman, except for seeing him come into Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody denied being involved in the moving of Korey Kauffman’s body in any way. One of the comical things was one of the control questions that Woody was asked. When Woody was asked if the sum of 2 plus 2 equals 4, he said no. He was asked this question twice, and said “No” both times. Somebody should have held him back in school until he mastered the basics. It is now around 11:30AM, and I am watching something that I have already seen. I make my exit for the day. I will be there the entire day tomorrow. Someday, the truth will set them free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


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  1. That’s the truth in this trial- 2+2 does no equal four! I find that answer to it very appropriate in this case. Metaphorically, from the start the of this mess, 2+2 has never equaled 4!

    Your blogging efforts hopefully will end with a result that 2+2 does equal 4 again.

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