NO BLOOD NO MURDER FRANK CARSON CASE 10/19/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) A miracle happened today, Judge Zuniga was actually on time. The audience was kept out of the courtroom for the first 40 minutes while the attorneys hashed out some things, and we were able to enter theContinue Reading

Gruesome tales continue by Marty Carlson 10-19-2016 Court day 147 in custody day 431. The afternoon session restarted at 1344 hrs. with Robert Forkner cross examining Robert Woody on the stand. Woody was given a transcript of the polygraph video that was about to be played again. The video startedContinue Reading

HERE IS THE MORNING AUDIO REPORT: Transcribed Morning Report 10-19-2016                  This is court day 147 and in custody day 431.  Immediately this morning I noticed that the judge arrived at 9:32am, and was almost on time. Not unusual that court didn’t start until 10:07am. At that time, theyContinue Reading