Morning Report Transcribed 10/2/2019


This is court day 148 and in custody day 432. The court opened at 9:57 and it was set to be a motion to dismiss based on Prosecutorial Misconduct. There was some preliminary sparring going on in the court room. Detective Corey Brown (sheriff’s department), who wrote the Ramey Warrant was called to the stand at 10:07. Corey Brown stated he had not read the motion, and did not do any preparation for this motion. He had only received a text message from Kirk Bunch to be in court. He did say he spoke to Ferreira about this motion prior, and discussed posting the Ramey Warrant. Brown said that the discussion to post the Ramey Warrant online was made by the Sheriff’s Department. When he had that conversation with Ferreira, he said Kirk Bunch was present (he always has to insert himself somewhere, doesn’t he?). Brown said he started writing the Ramey Warrant in June of 2015.


Brown was asked questions about how he was writing the Ramey Warrant, which was objected to by the DA.  There were long arguments made with Brown off the stand, about prosecutorial misconduct, or not.  Percy Martinez said that the sheriff’s department and the DA share the same responsibility in this. The attorneys started asking about the unsealing order by Judge Rigby. That’s assumed that it was sealed by the judge, as they usually are. Now, we took a 20-minute break to find out if there was a sealing order. They had to go through 2 warrant boxes brought over by the sheriff’s department.


We returned to court at 10:43 and they started discussing the affidavit of Corey Brown for the Ramey Warrant. Brown claims it was unsealed August 17th 2015. He said the Ramey was already online the day the defendants were arrested August 14th 2015. He said the unseal order was only for discovery to the attorneys and the investigators, not meant to be put online. The defense was arguing that the Ramey was posted in violation of the sealing order. There were apparently some warrants that were drawn up in 2014 that were sealed but never executed, which were apparently done by Detective Redd of the Turlock PD.


Marlissa Ferreira was making some good points to tell you the truth. She went into a long narrative saying that there was no sealing order on the Ramey Warrant. I thought it was strange that they would ask for an unsealing order if it never had a sealing order to begin with. This doesn’t make sense to me. The Judge said that the issue is if they really did have an order or not. Corey Brown returned on the stand. Percy Martinez began asking his questions. Corey Brown stated that he wrote the warrant to Rigby on August 13th 2015. This Ramey warrant was signed on August 13th 2015 (the same day) and contained 326 pages. We all know the arrests were made the following day August 14th 2015. Brown was aware that the Ramey would be posted online when he attended a planning meeting for the Sheriff’s Department. At these meetings (which were multiple leading up to the arrests) there were sheriffs and DA investigators present.


Brown said that the Ramey warrant was like any other document he has done and he didn’t do anything different or special. I thought this to be strange since this Ramey was 326 pages. I highly doubt he has 326 page documents on a normal basis. The warrant was given to the IT department to be posted on August 14th 2015 (arrest day). He claimed this to have been done between 7 & 8am. The news conference was called 8/14/2015 and the public was invited to review the Warrant online during this press conference. Brown claims he was not in attendance at that press conference, nor has he even really watched it. He said he had seen bits and pieces when Marlissa Ferreira was watching it some time back. He then said he was “in and out” of the room. This happened when he was “in prep” for this motion, but claims he did not prepare for. He kind of reversed himself on that, not that it really matters.


Brown stated the mid-morning the Ramey was up, it was taken down because of personal information that had been discovered. There was personal information of the defendants on the Ramey that was posted online for all to see. He had no information about how many views or downloads the warrant received. He said he never asked for the warrant to be sealed, nor did he seek for it to be publicized. He didn’t have to, I’m sure the DA had already beaten him to the punch. Ferreira asked Corey if he had ever got a seal for the warrant, which he claimed he did not. He said it was posted online as a personal document and there was no reason to seal the warrant. The DA tried to bring up info on Jim Cook (oh great not this fucking guy again), and really came out of left field with this one. This made zero sense to me since this was not part of the pleadings in this motion. She did try hard to get some Jim Cook info inserted in this motion. She asked if he had been used in this warrant.


Percy Martinez asked if Corey Brown had aspirations to work as a DA Investigator. He said yes he had applied for an open position online, but had not received any word back. Maybe there will be hope for him in a few months. I’m sure there will be plenty of openings once they clean house, just my opinion. Ferreira at this point wanted to play the press conference. This was objected to by Percy Martinez. Tim Rein spoke up (although not part of this motion) and stated that there is some prejudicial information all because of that ignorant CHP commander and his comments. He asked if they would be willing to cut out part of the conference, then he would be willing to have it played. Percy Martinez argued that there is no relevance in the conference, just the posting of the Ramey.


Percy Martinez moved to withdraw any arguments made in regards to the press conference that Ferreira said he had made. In essence he had, he pointed out that people could go to the website and even down load the warrant. The motion to dismiss was done for Prosecutorial misconduct was done. To be honest, I don’t think the defense did very well with this by the judge. It seems like this is going to be more of a problem for the sheriff’s department, and will probably be handled civilly.  They tried to move to the other motion for conduct of Bruce Perry and Martin Baker (Woody’s attorneys). They are claiming he wasn’t representing him right. The judge went into her chambers to look up case law on this. When she came out she gave the attorneys the citations to review over their lunch hour. Martin Baker has an arraignment he needs to go to, so court will start back at 2pm. Time for lunch!


These sheriffs, PD, investigators, and DA are in charge of making sure we are all safe. They take an oath to serve and protect. Just from witnessing the injustice going on, they shouldn’t be allowed to protect a warm cup of piss. Unfortunately, they have given law enforcement a bad name. They can’t even wipe their asses right, and they’re responsible for ruining the lives of all these defendants, AND denying Korey Kauffman the real justice he deserves. Charging innocent people for a crime they didn’t commit is beyond tragic. Make sure you stop back by later for the afternoon report. I’m really hoping and praying to have some good news to report back to you all!