Elizabeth A. King

Clerk of the Board

1010 10th Street, Ste 6500
Modesto, CA 95354




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Board Priority

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors is committed to providing excellent community services and we charge the organization to effectively manage public resources, encourage innovation and continuously improve business efficiencies.

Priority Team

  • Animal Services
  • Chief Executive Office–Office of Emergency Services/Fire Warden
  • District Attorney If your True “Priorities” As they are promoted herein on the Boards own website.. As charging these priority organizations to effectively MANAGE PUBLIC RESOURCES

    Then, Why ..? Why is the D.A.’S office allowed to waste Several MILLION Dollars on fairy tale prosecutions for political gain allowed to be cloaked and disguised as Murder Conspiracy Theories that produce top contenders for STATE RECORD COURT HEARINGS and waste not only the resources of the Superior Court but the law enforcement time and energy and persecute INNOCENT CIVILIANS while the county board of Supervisors sits idly by doing NIL

    Public Defender



  • Demonstrate responsiveness to reported trends in criminal activity
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system
  • Ensure local and regional disaster preparedness
  • Reduce pet overpopulation
  • Promote public awareness

There is a sham criminal prosecution that has carried on for over 14 Months of Preliminary Hearing it is a record for California State Courts it is now the 2nd LONGEST Preliminary Hearing in State History. It would seem that this precedent setting case would by now have your full attention and you would by now be more than familiar with the details.

A False Prosecution for public and personal gain carried out by the current District Attorney’s office, whether or not she is involved, she has got to be vividly aware of the miscarriage being waged as a weapon in her supervising capacity. She has used it a tool to keep these citizens behind bars for 429 consecutive days without a shred of evidence. To the contrary, the evidence presented before the court shows as proof that those charged are in fact innocent of the crimes for which they are being held.

There are numerous errors and falsities in the Ramey Warrant sworn to by the investigators of the DA’s office and the District Attorney, that are the basis for arrest and incarceration of innocent civilians. The proceedings before the court in evidence do in fact support charges of PERURY against prosecution witnesses, not to mention multiple instances of the withholding of exculpatory evidence by the District Attorney’s office.

The entire case is based on a Ramey Warrant which has been impeached through the testimony of the Prosecutions own witnesses over a continued period of testimony lasting more than 1 year and which has failed to produce one stitch of evidence that would lead a reasonable person to believe there is any guilt to be placed upon these so-called defendants as they have been charged.

The entire warrant serves as a novel based on theory, conjecture, and lies from a string of felons that could make leads in a cast of characters from a Dick Tracy crime comic book. With over 400 plus pages the Ramey Warrant or Informational Warrant is fraught with errors, mischaracterizations, assumptive analysis of a pseudo-science based theory of unproven, untested disciplines of theory projected as quantitative study results. (Want to buy some blinker fluid..?).

Over $ 7,000,000 Million Dollars of Tax Payer Money is being wasted to satisfy the egos and maniacal sociopathic personality traits of a cadre holier than thou task masters that are in control of the Stanislaus County Justice System. And the Board of Supervisors just passes the buck and concentrates on re-elections of those abusing the system intentionally for personal and professional gain and also at the same time their continued abuse of the processes of civil and criminal justice continue creating a community of distrust among its residents. When the Leaders are failing to lead and our justice system becomes a weapon for the unjust and unrighteous we are crossing a very dangerous threshold which holds within it, the entire of society and social structure in the balance. Are they blind to the fact that these are seeds from which anarchists are propagated..?

It is becoming painfully apparent that the lobbyists for a politically correct normalcy have gained the keys to the castle and its subjects have given into the runaway apathy perpetuated from those that have been elected to be the societal guardians of our watchtowers.

The Citizens of Stanislaus County deserve better, but in order to get it, they are going to have to speak up. The silent majority is mostly, sadly unaware of the misdeeds and abusive nature of the current county administration or, they just no longer have any capacity to care that it could happen to them or a close friend or relative until it’s too late.

Those that are aware, yet choose to ignore the continued miscarriage and denial of due process and civil rights being violated by the District Attorney are going to cost the county millions and millions of dollars that will ultimately be saddled upon the residents and tax payers of the county and the state of California.

It is time now, for the Board of Supervisors to hold up the standards (as advertised on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors official website) and walk the walk before they talk the talk and provide for the goods as advertised, and to righteously uphold the duties they have sworn to uphold. Or just resign.


Mark Mord