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  1. Fields took a beating by one of Cooley’s friends. That definitely shows SOM but by whom? Can you, or someone, speak to this on your show today? Brings me to the question of is this still an open investigation? Someone was sending message.

    From Marty’s Report 9-13-16


    “The witness was asked to leave the courtroom again for discussions between attorneys and he was becoming extremely agitated over this process stating is doing nothing more than endangering his life.”

    “At that point the judge had noticed as most people were also noticing the witness his wife was very animated in the gallery and it appeared that she was trying to lead him to his answers, and the judge had warned her several times in advised her at this time she was going to have to leave the courtroom. After brief dispute with the Bailiffs which she of course lost, she was led out of the courtroom. During that time, she was talking very loudly about how they were now in danger of being killed because of his testimony.”

    From Tom’s Report that morning-
    “Today, the defense attorneys called two witnesses to the stand. One refused to say anything. The other witness gave testimony that once again has Michael Cooley confessing to the killing of Korey Kauffman. We now have two witnesses that are giving essentially consistent testimony that points to Michael Cooley being the killer of Korey Kauffman.”

    Seems like the guy who refused to anything made a good choice.

    What an epiphany Field’s and his girl friend had that day. The DA has really fucked up the lives of a lot of people with this still sort of convoluted case. There has to be some angry law enforcement people out there that know the truth, and know this investigation should have focused on Cooley all along. I truly think the only things the Atwals and Woody are guilty of is burning a truck for insurance at the wrong time. Even worse is that Carson is only guilty of continuing to live on his family’s property instead of moving to a low crime area.

    Anyway can you speak about the 9-13-16 blog and how now it is seeming to show the real truth?

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